Snow Inspiring: 101 Cool Winter Instagram Captions

There are a million reasons to embrace the magic of winter, and nearly all of them — from cozy moments…

There are a million reasons to embrace the magic of winter, and nearly all of them — from cozy moments to snowy landscapes — are insanely Insta-worthy.

Are you feeling the winter vibe yet? Don’t keep the embrace of familiar blankets and knitted sweaters to yourself! Share the joy you feel as you watch a classic scary movie night with your other half (while the cat contently purrs by the fire) with all your followers! Every winter moment is a story screaming to be shared, and your Insta followers can’t wait to dive into your winter adventure with you!

Whether you’re a snow enthusiast or a lover of cute and cozy moments, you’ll need the “coolest ever” winter and snowfall captions for Instagram. We’ve got you covered (in snow!) with a massive list of cold Instagram captions for every mood and context!

Cute Winter Captions for Instagram

1. Essential winter survival gear: Mint-flavored hot chocolate, soft, fluffy socks, bread crumbs for the robins, and my trusty camera!

2. I’ve got a cozy sweater, a warm blanket, and a trusty pair of boots. Winter, here I come!

3. Winter’s where all the magic happens.

4. Cool vibes, cozy fire.

5. Who’s up for a snowball fight?

6. Winter? Sure! Always ready for s’more!

7. Baby, it’s cold outside, but I’m feeling toasty.

8. Bundle up and revel in the winter wonderland.

9. Welcome to the snuggliest season of the year.

10. Cold hands, sturdy boots, warm heart.

Cute Winter Captions for Instagram

Snow Instagram Captions

11. It’s snow joke over here!

12. Let’s make snow angels together!

13. Every winter a new story. Every snowfall a new chapter. What words will you write as you step on the fresh icy blanket?

14. Snow much fun!

15. Pure happiness.

16. Fresh snow. If it doesn’t make your heart skip a beat, you need lessons in childhood magic. Get out there and make a snowman.

17. And you say each snowflake is unique? Wow!

18. It may not be warm, but it’s definitely a beautiful blanket!

19. Snow is nature’s glitter.

20. You’ll never snow how much I love you!

Cozy Cold Weather Captions for Instagram

21. Wrap me in a warm blanket and come snuggle.

22. Cozy days are a good book, a nice cup of hot cocoa, a warm blanky, and a hot water bottle.

23. True bliss is sitting by the fire with a nice pumpkin spice latte while nature’s icy magic unfolds outside.

24. The world looks cozy from inside my oversized, snuggly winter coat!

25. It may be cold, but winter sure warms my heart.

26. Snowy days, cozy nights, exciting tomorrows!

27. Hibernation mode activated — until someone says “mulled wine.”

28. Stay comfy.

29. Hot chocolate to warm my hands, comfy sweater to warm my body, and you to keep my heart feeling toasty.

30. Mulled wine, ice, and everything nice.

Cozy Cold Weather Captions for Instagram

Funny Cool Weather Captions for Instagram

31. Everything will be snowkay. Keep cozy and drink pumpkin spice latte.

32. Embrace winter, it’s not going anywhere.

33. Ready for your chill pill?

34. It might be freezing, but I’m on Cloud (Mulled) Wine!

35. Winter, you say? Brrrrring it on!

36. My backyard: A wintering take on a familiar sight.

37. Have a winterful day!

38. There are always winters and losers. Me? I’m sitting this one out at Starbucks.

39. I glove you very much!

40. I don’t feel like such a special snowflake anymore!

Winter Love Captions for Instagram Couples

41. There’s snow one else I’d rather snuggle with!

42. This Ice Queen melts for you.

43. With a love like ours, we don’t even need sweaters and blankets to stay warm!

44. Two hearts, one love, one giant blanket.

45. Cozy winter vibes and happy hearts.

46. Wrapped up warm, in love.

47. We go together like pumpkin spice and latte.

48. I love a good excuse to take a snow day with you.

49. The chocolate and crackers to my marshmallow.

50. I’ll make a snowman just to give you an excuse to warm my hands up.

Snow Day Instagram Captions for Families with Little Kids

51. Snowy day, time to play.

52. My little snowman… making a little snowman!

53. Definitely up to snow good!

54. Winter is magical through the eyes of fresh new humans!

55. The kids were just an excuse. You’re never too old for snowball fights and snow angels!

56. We’re sleighing it!

57. My own little snowflakes!

58. Look! They’re snow excited!

59. Bundle up and explore.

60. Time to chillax!

Snow Day Instagram Captions for Families with Little Kids

Cold Weather Instagram Captions with Pets

61. No, seriously, what’s all that white stuff? No like. Inside, please!

62. Cozy sweaters and sweet kitty purrs.

63. Human! This is paw-some! More, more, more!

64. Snow: Nature’s doggie popsicle.

65. Have an ice day, human! I’ll just keep these blankets warm for you!

66. Living the winter dream. A warm blanket, a hot chocolate, and one seriously fluffy boy.

67. Oh, the cat? He’s not going outside to play. He has a license to chill.

68. You have me s-mitten, little kitten!

69. Snow, thank you! I’ll just sit here and purr from a distance.

70. Booties on, coat ready, let’s play!

Coldest Instagram Captions for Your Best Winter Activities

71. Our proud creation! What should we call this little snowman?

72. Do you even ski lift, bro?

73. Ski you on the slopes!

74. Skating through the winter… one fall at a time.

75. Everything’s alright once you start a snowball fight!

75. Snow many memories to make, snow little time!

76. When it’s too slippery to get on your bike, go take a hike!

77. Ice skating: Flake it till you make it.

78. Nah, neighbor. I’d rather shovel these mashed potatoes into my mouth!

79. I feel like we’re on thin ice here.

80. There’s snow time like the present, and time waits for snowman.

Snow Picture Captions for Instagram Inspired by Movies

81. “I wanna wash my hands, my face, my hair with snow.” — White Christmas

82. And remember, kids, “don’t eat yellow snow!” It ain’t lemonade.

83. Yes, I do want to build a snowman!

84. Fozzie Bear: “No, that’s snow, darling!”

85. “Sometimes you can still catch me dancing in it.” — Edward Scissor Hands

86. “Just like a snow globe.” — Elf

87. Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes are just some of my favorite things.

88. “Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle.” — Olaf, Frozen

89. “First, we’ll make snow angels for two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie dough as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle.” — Elf

90. “Winter is coming.” — GoT

Snow Picture Captions for Instagram Inspired by Movies

Winter Instagram Captions Inspired by Songs

91. Tidings of comfort and joy.

92. Alex, play “Let it snow!”

93. “The cold never bothered me, anyway.”

94. “I’ve got my love to keep me warm.”

95. “Sleigh bells ring, are you…” slaying it?

96. “Oh, the warmth in my heart swept me into your arms.” — Mumford and Sons

Short Cold Captions for Instagram

97. Stay icy.

98. Embrace the cold.

99. Baby, it’s cold outside!

100. Ice to meet you, winter!

101. Cold and Cozy.

Creative Prompts to Help You Write Cool Winter Instagram Captions

Still with us? We hope you found some great Instagram snow captions to add to your feed here, but we get it — the best winter and ice captions for Instagram are totally unique and original, written by you, and especially for the winter-ful photos you share!

If coming up with fresh, new snow captions for Instagram is proving to be a little trickier than you expected, but you’re determined to share something personal with your followers, we won’t leave you out in the cold!

Follow these creative prompts to make your next snow captions for Instagram funny, fascinating, and fantastic!

  • What’s your one favorite thing about winter? Capture that one moment in your next icy cold Instagram caption and challenge yourself to include at least three of these words: soft, cool, fluffy, relaxed, lazy, active.
  • Tell your followers that winter traditions are “snow” joke with personal anecdotes from your childhood, and you’re sure to craft snow day captions Instagram followers love and can’t wait to engage with!
  • Awaken your inner Elsa for snow captions Instagram followers can find strength and encouragement in.
  • Craft cheesy puns about winter, using nothing but the elements in the picture you’re about to post.
  • Share beautiful pictures and post accompanying captions about the winter wildlife lurking around near you.

FAQ About Winter Instagram Captions

How do I come up with unique and creative winter captions for Instagram?

We know! It’s not easy to think up brand-new winter Instagram captions, especially considering that all the best puns and classic winter quotes have already been used a million times over. Our advice? Take the best elements from the captions on our list, and zoom in on the emotions and unique experiences your pictures convey. Make your captions about you and your followers, and you’re sure to keep things fresh and original!

How can I encourage my followers to engage with my winter Instagram captions?

That’s easy! Simply ask questions related to your photos! What are your followers’ favorite winter traditions? Are they Team Hot Chocolate or Team PSL? What would they rather do? Spend a freezing winter day snuggling up with their partner, or take full advantage of the chance to engage in winter activities while it’s snowing?

If you write Instagram captions winter enthusiasts can instantly relate to, it shouldn’t be too hard to get those comments flowing!

What are the best hashtags to add to my snow day captions for Instagram?

Always check trending winter hashtags if you want to stay ahead of the curve, because Instagram moves fast! Still, the most popular snowy hashtags that are sure to give all your cold day Instagram posts a little boost include #winterishere, #lovewinter, #hellowinter, #instawinter, #snowmuchfun, #keepitcozy, #brrr, #bundleup, and #snowselfie.