What Are TikTok Battles?

A TikTok battle does what it says on the tin, pitting two creators against each other to win favour –…

A TikTok battle does what it says on the tin, pitting two creators against each other to win favour – and gifts – from their followers.

As a relatively new feature on the app, TikTok Battles tap into live streams and turns the engaging video format into a form of competition between two creators. The fact that battles are hosted as live streams mean that only those who are eligible to host live streams on the app can engage in a TikTok battle – with over 1,000 followers as a minimum.

But what is the point of a TikTok battle and how does it work?

An Introduction to TikTok Battles

A TikTok Battle is hosted between two users, whereby the two compete against each other to win favour with followers in a five minute window.

Whether it’s showcasing a special skill or simply conversing with followers to ask for gifts, TikTok creators essentially compete against the other creator in the battle to see who can win and earn the most gifts. The winner is the creator with the most gifts at the end of the five minute battle window.

What Do TikTok Battle Creators Have to do?

This is an interesting question, because the parameters of a TikTok Battle state that the creators can literally do anything to win favour with their followers and be declared victorious. Battles can be hosted between creators who know each other and between complete strangers at opposite ends of the world, pushing these creators to try new things within their niche industry.

There are those who say that TikTok Battles are become less interesting now, with users more inclined to simply ask and even beg for gifts from their followers. However, there is a market for this kind of activity – with the battles benefitting users from an engagement point of view, and creators from a monetisation perspective.

Have you seen, watched, or even voted on a TikTok Battle before? We’d love to know your thoughts on this content format and how compelling it is from a user perspective!