What Does ‘Accounts Reached’ Mean on Instagram?

Instagram’s professional dashboard is a great source of insight and information for business account holders. Not only does it provide…

Instagram’s professional dashboard is a great source of insight and information for business account holders. Not only does it provide insight into their audience and key demographic, but it allows business account holders to track their following and engagement, work out the best posting time, and build relationships with collaborators as well as followers.

Once you enter your professional dashboard, there are a few insights that stand out on the page.

One of those is ‘Accounts Reached’ – but what does it mean?

‘Accounts Reached’ is essentially the number of unique accounts that your content was viewed by – whether via search or on their newsfeed when scrolling. This number does not take into account how many times a single user looked at your post – rather, it is designed to let you know how many different accounts your post was viewed by.

As such, ‘Accounts Reached’ is really more of an insight into the spread of a post and how far it has travelled, than an insight into engagement or interest.

How to Use ‘Accounts Reached’ Data

Knowing how many accounts your post has reached is a good way of determining the visibility of your content.

This can be especially useful when it comes to tracking and assessing the success of ads and paid posts, letting you know just how far your content has travelled when you put money and a target demographic into the system behind it.

TOP TIP: When examining the success and reach of an ad, pairing this insight with engagement and clicks is a good way of telling firstly how wide your content travelled, and secondly how interested your target demographic was. A high reach but low engagement means that the content of the ad wasn’t compelling or engaging enough for your chosen audience.

So, we can conclude that the data received from ‘Accounts Reached’ tells you how visible your content is – with this information providing just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to determining the success of that content.

How to Boost Your ‘Accounts Reached’

Now you know what ‘Accounts Reached’ means, here are a few tips to help improve it…

  • Use hashtags that connect with your target audience and demographic, and that effectively represent the content you’re sharing
  • Post frequently on a schedule – letting both Instagram and users know that you are reliable and credible
  • Use paid ads as a way of expanding your reach and accessing users who aren’t directly linked with you (yet) but who fall into your target demographic

‘Accounts Reached’ may be just one metric, but it is a piece of data that lets you know how far your posts are travelling and how many users are seeing your content.

And as we all know, unless users are seeing content, there’s no chance that they can engage with and share it. We hope this helps!

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