What Does Challenge Required Mean on Instagram?

With Instagram becoming ever most popular year on year, it follows that the app has installed a number of security…

With Instagram becoming ever most popular year on year, it follows that the app has installed a number of security measures to minimise the accessibility of bots, spam accounts, and fake profiles.

One of these measures is known as the ‘Challenge Required’ message, which is a pop up that appears when you try logging into Instagram but fall at the first hurdle.

In short, this is a security block that Instagram uses to block IP addresses that it believes are linked with spam accounts. In order to make it go away, users will need to verify their ownership of the account that they are trying to access.

Here are some of the best ways of making the ‘Challenge Required’ message go away!

What Is Challenge Required?

‘Challenge Required’ is an internal red flag that Instagram uses to prevent, what it considers to be, suspicious activity.

The issue comes when this same measure is used to block a real user – which is why knowing what causes this error message to appear, and how to overcome it, is so important.

What Causes Instagram to Show The Challenge Required Error?

There are a few things that could lead to Instagram blocking your login with the error message.

  • Logging in from an unknown device that you haven’t previously used
  • Logging in with limited connection
  • Logging in from an unknown or unrecognised location / browser

Any of these are flagged internally by Instagram as suspicious – and can lead to the error message being shown as a way of ensuring that you are a human user rather than a robot.

How to Fix The Challenge Required Error

If your screen suddenly shows the ‘Challenge Required’ error message, then the first thing to do is follow the steps on screen to verify your account.

Many of the reports that we have heard about come about from a user trying to log in via a completely different device – for example, logging into Instagram via a web browser rather than the app.

Most accounts can be easily verified by logging into Instagram on a previously used device, unlocking the error and showing Instagram that the account really is run by a real, human user.

Once you have logged in successfully and bypassed the error message, adding the two-step authentication measure to your account will protect it from further or future intervention.

Some other things you can do to fix the Challenge Required error include:

  • Check the stability of your internet connection – and avoid using dodgy WiFi connections
  • If your WiFi seems to be an issue, try logging in via mobile data instead. This bypasses the connectivity issue and will also change the IP address that you are logging in from (which could help if it’s the IP address that is causing Instagram to reject your login attempt).
  • Close Instagram and reopen it – or take this one step further by uninstalling and then reinstalling the app again. This will ensure that you are running the latest version of Instagram.
  • Contact Instagram and report an issue. This is often a quickfire way of getting answers to unexplained issues that you may be having with your login.

In short, ‘Challenge Required’ is a pop up security measure that Instagram engages whenever it feels that an account has been compromised by bots. Most users will however find that a simple verification is enough to overcome the issue, showing Instagram that the account is fully protected and being managed by a human!

We hope this blog helps!