What Does ‘from Your Contacts’ Mean on TikTok?

If you’re keen to expand your TikTok following, either as a new user or as someone who’s keen to take…

If you’re keen to expand your TikTok following, either as a new user or as someone who’s keen to take the next step towards becoming a TikTok influencer, then you should know about the Contacts hack that’s sweeping the social app.

With TikTok so intrinsically linked with other social media apps and platforms, it follows that the app makes it super easy to find and connect with people who you follow and interact with across other apps.

And that’s what ‘From Your Contacts’ is all about.

How to Find Contacts on TikTok

Growing your profile and community through existing connections and contacts is easy, by visiting your profile and then tapping on the ‘Add Friends’ icon in the button next to ‘Share Profile’.

Here you will be given an option to browse Suggested Accounts that TikTok thinks you may know, browse the Contacts from your phone who use TikTok, and even unlock TikTok users who you are already connected with on Facebook.

You can also choose to ‘Invite Friends’ via a series of different messaging platforms and social apps, filling your TikTok community with people who you know already.

Does TikTok Prioritise Content From Your Contacts?

When it comes to the TikTok algorithm, there are a number of factors at play.

A lot of articles you will see and read online focus on your interests and the impact that these interests have on your ‘For You’ page and recommended content. Videos that you view and engage with will help to inform the picture that TikTok builds of you and your interests – specifically geared towards what to show you moving forward.

Beyond that, though, TikTok also considers the contacts you already have and how you and your other friends / followers engage with their content. If the app recognises you as interacting with them regularly or believes that a video is performing well within your contacts group, it will prioritise their content and place more of it in your feed.

So, content that is ‘From Your Contacts’ will appear on your feed if and when TikTok believes it to be of interest to you.

You can also find content shared by your Friends and those who you follow directly by selecting the ‘Friends’ tap along the top of your screen. This is a form of filter which creates an entire feed back on content from your friends and contacts only.

We hope this helps you to further personalise and adjust your TikTok experience!