What Does Instagram User Mean?

In its simplest form, anyone who accesses Instagram is considered an Instagram user. There are different types of account available…

In its simplest form, anyone who accesses Instagram is considered an Instagram user.

There are different types of account available for Instagram users, spanning personal accounts, business accounts, and creator accounts.

How you use Instagram will depend on your goals, with many personal users accessing the app to keep in touch with their favourite brands and to keep up to date with friends and family members’ posts.

In short, an Instagram user is something who uses Instagram.

Having said that, ‘Instagram user’ is not a term you will usually see on the app unless you are trying to connect with an account that no longer exists. Let’s look a little more closely at what this means.

Instagram User

What does ‘Instagram User’ Mean?

If you see ‘Instagram User’ rather than a profile or username, then the chances are that the profile you are accessing or looking at no longer exists. That, or they have blocked you from accessing their account and information / updates.

And there are a few different places where you might see this phrase used.

These include:

  • Your DM inbox
  • At the top of a user’s profile

What it means is that the user has restricted access to and visibility of their account, either by blocking you specifically or by deleting their account completely.

Am I Blocked If I See ‘Instagram User’?

Not necessarily, but this is one of the two reasons why you might be seeing ‘Instagram User’ rather than their name.

The best way to tell if someone has blocked you or deleted their account is to try visiting their profile. If the username is still visible then you have been blocked – if this is gone, then they have deleted their full account.

Who is ‘Instagram User’?

Interestingly, one of the reasons why this occurs when someone blocks you, is because Instagram created it as a means to protect the blocker from being identified by the users that they have blocked.

The idea is that, if another user blocks you, Instagram helps them to hide their identity so that you cannot see who they are.

However, there are a few hacks that you can try to get around this. The main one is to head to your DM inbox and see if you have any recognisable communications with the user. If so, you can work out from your messages who they are.

Alternatively, you can sometimes access this information via third party apps which are not associated with Instagram, but which deliver insight into specific user activities.

We hope this helps you to distinguish between yourself as an Instagram user, and the title ‘Instagram User’ at the top of a profile or next to a message that you have received in the past!

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