What Does L+C+R Mean on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for private users and brands / business owners, owing to…

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for private users and brands / business owners, owing to the reliance on great content and powerful visuals, and the ways in which the platform encourages and inspires engagement.

For brands, businesses, and creators especially, Instagram is a platform which can facilitate an incredible spike in your brand presence. It enables followers to feel connected to your brand and team, provides an ideal outlet for brand announcements and updates, and is an excellent place for new customer discovery.

Perhaps best of all though is the way that Instagram empowers users to connect with the profiles, businesses, and pages that they can relate to. L+C+R is one of the ways that Instagram does this – by giving users the power to Like + Comment + Repost / Reshare.

L is For Like

The L in L+C+R stands for Like. This is a quick action that users can take to show their approval of a post, to agree with a statement or comment, or to showcase their support for a cause. More and more brands are calling on followers to like their posts and reels, recognising that a high number of likes has a positive impact on their place in the Instagram algorithm.

More likes tells Instagram that your content is valuable and relevant to your target audience. As such, it helps followers with interests like you to be exposed to that same kind of content.

C is For Comment

The C in L+C+R stands for Comment. Comments on Instagram are what make the platform what it is – a community for engagement, and a place where conversation starts and never really ends.

Brands and creators alike are increasingly using comments as a way to evoke conversation and spark interest in their content, by asking followers to share their own ideas, thoughts, and opinions in the comments.

The comments section of a post or reel are also excellent places for discovery, as users will often tag their friends in comments – either to draw their attention to a certain post, or in response to a contest or competition. Not to mention, when it comes to the all-important Instagram algorithm, comments play a crucial role in establishing credibility and trustworthiness.

R is For Reshare / Repost

The R in L+C+R stands for Repost or Reshare. This is where that Instagram reach really comes into its own, by granting users a means of taking your content and sharing it on their own page or story – putting your profile and username in front of their own followers and community.

Sharing a piece of content is the ultimate thumbs up in terms of engagement and will demonstrate to Instagram and the backend algorithm just how valuable that piece of content is.

Using L+C+R on Instagram

L+C+R is more than just a ‘nice to have’ on Instagram. It refers to an overarching strategy that countless brands, businesses, and creators are using to build their profile and carve out a presence within their industry or market.

If you see L+C+R on Instagram, then you know that the poster is asking for some engagement support to boost their presence on the app.

We hope this helps! Recognising Instagram for its many benefits, across both private and professional accounts, is what the app is all about.

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