What Does NFS Mean on Instagram

Whether you’re an Instagram pro or a complete newbie, if you scroll for long enough, you are sure to come…

Whether you’re an Instagram pro or a complete newbie, if you scroll for long enough, you are sure to come across a term that you don’t recognize. Internet slang is constantly evolving, and because of this, it can be hard to keep up with new terms. Worse yet, the same abbreviations and slang terms can mean different things, depending on the context in which they are used – or even the platform on which they are posted.

The term ‘NFS’ has a few meanings outside of Instagram, making it one of those tricky slangs. So what does it actually mean, and how can you use it properly?

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram?

NFS is among the most popular abbreviations on Instagram. The most common meaning is ‘Not for Sale’ and it’s typically used by influencers or small business owners when they post a photo of a personal item that they are not selling.

In situations like these, the purpose of adding ‘NFS’ to a post is to keep the user from receiving numerous DMs asking about the item, its price, or other versions of it. It’s a quick yet polite way to establish the intention of your post and why the item is being shown off, even if you’re e-commerce centric.  

However, NFS has other meanings, especially on other social media sites. Because of this, it’s important to evaluate the context when someone uses the term NFS.

Other Meanings for NFS – Instagram + Other Social Media Platforms

On Instagram, the acronym NFS can also mean ‘No Filter Sunday,’ ‘No Filter Story,’ or ‘No Filter Squad.’ These interpretations are most popular among beauty influencers and personalities, who use them to identify pictures where they have not used filters or editing to improve their appearance.

This is often related to body positivity and mental health awareness trends, which focus on how social media impacts self-esteem and self-image. For these users, it’s important to establish the authenticity of their images, as well as group themselves with other posts that hold similar intentions or messages.  

Overall, a lack of filtering and an unwillingness to sell a product are the primary uses of NFS. Less popular interpretations exist, however, and are often more heavy-handed with their intentions, so be sure to watch out for these versions too:

Not for Sharing

This meaning usually applies to when someone is sharing especially private information they don’t want to be reposted or spread around. This may include a photo, text, or video that includes private details, refers to a difficult topic, includes other people who do not want an internet presence, or content which is meant to stay in a small circle.

For example, a story shared with close friends only might have the hashtag #NFS. This can apply to any social media app.

No Followers Syndrome

This meaning is a form of insult, aimed at people who will try any cheap strategy to get more followers, usually with the goal of becoming an influencer or making money from Instagram. It implies that the person in question is acting desperate, unethical, or ‘cringe’ because they have few or no followers and this is supposedly affecting their judgment or character.

Not Feeling Social

This meaning is fairly self-explanatory. When someone uses the #NFS #NotFeelingSocial tags, they are indicating that their social media is quiet because they have no motivation to engage with others. This is often used when someone is posting content but does not want to reply to DMs or comments, so that others do not feel like they are being impolitely ignored.

Other Meanings for NFS - Instagram + Other Social Media Platforms

No F-ing Sh*t

This is most commonly used on Snapchat as a way to check if someone is being serious. An example includes:

“I really like you!”


However, it can also be a sarcastic response to someone who has stated the obvious, such as with:

“Whales are huge!”

“Yeah, nfs.”

Need for Speed

This acronym is used on many forms of social media, but almost exclusively on vehicle-based content. It refers to the popular movie franchise of the same name.

These meanings can all apply to ‘NFS,’ so it’s important to evaluate the context of the conversation you are having or the post you are looking at.


What does LMK mean on Instagram?

LMK means ‘let me know’ and is most often used in private messages. For example:

“Are you coming to the party?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Ok, well LMK and we can share a cab.”

What does MFW mean on Instagram?

MFW stands for ‘my face when’ and is usually associated with memes or jokes. For example: a picture of a woman screaming, with the caption “MFW I see how much I spent at Target.”

What does IMO/IMHO mean on Instagram?

IMO/IMHO means ‘in my opinion’ or ‘in my humble opinion.’ It’s used when someone is giving their personal opinion on a matter. In polite interactions, it implies that the person doesn’t intend on their message being taken as a source of expert authority. Outside of this neutral tone, it can be used during an argument as a passive-aggressive tactic.

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