What Does SU Mean on Instagram?

Do you want to become fluent in Instagram slang? Then you’ve come to the right place. As well as guides…

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Do you want to become fluent in Instagram slang? Then you’ve come to the right place.

As well as guides on all things Instagram, TikTok, and beyond, we are working to unveil all of the most commonly used slang terms and acronyms in the world of social media – so that users like you can understand what others are saying.

In this article, we’re covering one of the more complex acronyms – mainly because it has two potential meanings.

SU can mean either ‘Swipe Up’ or ‘Shut Up’ – depending on who is using it and why.

Keep reading for a deep dive into these two meanings and when you might use them.

SU as Swipe Up

When a user on Instagram sends ‘SU’ they might be encouraging you to ‘Swipe Up’. This tends to be used on Instagram stories where followers can swipe up to access a link that has been added to the story.

For example, you could attach a link to your bio which takes users to a free download. You could then caption your story with ‘SU to download your free guide!’

SU as Shut Up

An alternative use for SU is telling someone to ‘Shut Up’.

To use SU as ‘Shut Up’, delivery tends to be blunt but direct. It may be added to the comment section under a post if someone is being overly opinionated, or in a DM to a friend who won’t stop talking.

NOTE: As is so often the case with these acronyms, users need to be careful not to confuse others with the version that they are using. Adding ‘SU’ to a comment can be interpreted in both ways as users may read it as ‘Shut Up’ or ‘Swipe Up and view more comments’. So, it could cause offence if another user interprets your shorthand wrong.

Hopefully this guide has given you some insight into the use of acronyms on social media, especially Instagram, and how these can be a powerful and quick way of communicating a message! Is SU something that you have encountered or seen on Instagram before?

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