What Hashtags to Use on TikTok?

The answer to this question is, if we’re honest, a pretty never-ending topic of conversation. Hashtags are designed to connect…

The answer to this question is, if we’re honest, a pretty never-ending topic of conversation.

Hashtags are designed to connect your content and specific videos to searches that users make on TikTok.

Just like you would add keywords to your website or online content and match those keywords with search terms that users regularly type into Google, hashtags on social media content work in much the same way.

Their number one job is to let TikTok know what your content and video is about, so that when someone searches for that kind of content, your video is a no-brainer result to share.

So, back to the question at hand. How do you know which hashtags to use on TikTok?

Choosing Industry-Specific Hashtags

The first style of hashtag to consider is an industry-specific one.

If, for example, you specialise in sharing baking videos and delicious baked goods, then a hashtag or two which revolves around this industry will help to frame your content and place it amongst a specific demographic.

Similarly, if you like to share fashion try-ons and getting ready videos, you might choose hashtags that are popular in this sector – such as #GRWM or #fashionhaul.

Choosing Niche Hashtags

Niche hashtags place your videos and content into very specific categories, not just within an industry but also within a topic or sector within that industry.

For example, to stick with the fashion hashtags above, if you are plus size then you could use the hashtag #plussizefasion.

If you’re in that baking industry as outlined above and specialise in vegan baking, this is where you get more specific still – for example, #savouryveganbaking or #vegantreats.

Broad hashtags and hashtags which are trending tend to gain the most traction – though these will be flooded with related and unrelated content, which may make it more difficult for your video to stand out (no matter its quality).

Using one of these hashtags which at least loosely compliments and ties into your content can be a great way to drive views and gain some new followers – or at least engagement on the specific post.

How Many Hashtags to Attach to a TikTok?

Suffice to say, there are lots of different hashtags that you can choose from and that we recommend experimenting with when sharing your content on TikTok.

But how many should you attach to each TikTok video, to maximise the exposure of your video without going overboard?

Typically, three or four hashtags is recommended. This could be a mix of one from each category, or a selection of video-specific hashtags which support the content and add context.

We hope this helps you to finetune the detail around each video, and ensure that you are supporting each video you release with the right hashtags.