What is a Creator Account on Instagram?

There are different types of account that you can open and manage on Instagram, depending on the type of profile…

There are different types of account that you can open and manage on Instagram, depending on the type of profile you are running, and which features you need access to.

Traditionally these were a private account or a business account – however, a more modern option has been added to the mix in recent years, called a ‘creator account’.

A creator account is, you guessed it, built for influencers and those looking to establish a presence on the platform as a form of content creator. They sit somewhere between a private and a business account, whereby they as an individual are the “business asset”.

Most of the features that creators have access to are replicated from the business dashboard, though there are some differences.

In this article, we consider the benefits of a creator account and whether it’s a good fit for you.

Who is A Creator Account For?

Creator accounts boast a range of features which maximise engagement opportunities and give users better control over their online presence, growth stats, and messages.

As such, it is a good account type for influencers, public figures, authority figures, celebrities, artists, or individuals who want to monetise their own personal brand.

What Features Do Creator Accounts Have Access To?

In addition to being able to post and upload content as per any regular account, creator account holders have access to a dashboard of features and tools that streamline their experience and engagement with followers.

Some of the features that they have access to include:

  • Detailed growth insight, letting you know how many new followers and interactions you receive over a set period of time, and which posts have ignited the most engagement.
  • A streamlined messaging platform and system, whereby messages are sorted and filtered for you.
  • Access to an in-app scheduling tool for pre-prepared content.
  • Extra control over your profile, including adding a contact button to your profile bio and more.
  • Access to shopping tools, which allow you to add shoppable links to collaboration posts.
  • A specific feature which allows you to control your profile label – that is, the sector that your account falls under and is listed as. Rather than being a private or a business user, you can choose the sector that best reflects your profile type.

Is a Creator Account Right For You?

If you want to build your profile on Instagram and establish a more credible base on which to position your content, then a creator account could be a great fit.

Not only will your profile be more flexible in terms of additional options and features, but you can access a ton of extra insight which makes determining the best time to post even easier.

Finally, having a creator account makes it easier to navigate and manage a growing presence on Instagram – filtering messages and creating content which you can track in terms of its response among followers.

If having a creator account is something that you’re interested in, then it’s super easy to switch from a private account to a creator account (and vice versa!) Look out for our dedicated article on switching account types!

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