What Is Corecore on TikTok?

Have you heard or seen a reference to the Corecore aesthetic that’s trending on TikTok? Whether the concept is familiar…

Have you heard or seen a reference to the Corecore aesthetic that’s trending on TikTok?

Whether the concept is familiar or not, in this article we’re taking you on a deep dive into what the trend involves and how you can jump on the bandwagon with your own Corecore content.

What Does ‘core’ Mean on TikTok?

If you’re a regular TikTok or social media user, then the chances are that you will have heard the term ‘core’ thrown around in reference to an aesthetic or type of content. ‘Cottage-core’, ‘Farm-core’, and ‘Clutter-core’ are all types of content that build an aesthetic theme from an overarching style.

The use of the word ‘core’ has become commonplace in social media speak.

Corecore is a play on the use of the word, by turning it on its head and giving the user complete freedom with the presentation and aesthetic of their content.

What Does Corecore Mean?

Corecore is a type of aesthetic which can take on any theme and be used to evoke any emotion or feeling. Many of the Corecore videos

It was developed as a way to poke fun at those who commonly attach ‘core’ hashtags to their content, by making anything and everything a ‘Corecore’ TikTok video. That is, a user who tags ‘Corecore’ is saying that their content represents an anti-trend. However, over time Corecore has become increasingly used to showcase real world issues and to highlight the need for content and conversation that matters and that moves away from aesthetics and towards important themes.

How to Create Corecore Content

Corecore content is typically a selection of visuals, usually images and videos combined, which are seemingly random and are all edited together to the backing track of sombre instrumental music.

Often you will find that Corecore content, particularly that which has gone viral, is underpinned by a very specific message. Climate change is a big one, as is misogyny and the rise of consumerism which has left humanity living independently from the natural world.

In short, Corecore content does not fit into a specific content category. That’s the main point of the content style, giving the theme and the video its own voice and its own place on the platform beyond the conformities of classic ‘core’ themes and ideas.

Was this the definition you expected? Corecore content is so much more than just a video without a set aesthetic and is uniquely designed and used to add weight to an argument or a position on TikTok. We hope this helps and perhaps inspires you to partake in the rise of Corecore for yourself.