What is Post to View on TikTok?

The thing you need to know about TikTok is that as soon as you get used to one version of…

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The thing you need to know about TikTok is that as soon as you get used to one version of the app, they roll out a new update or a brand new feature which completely transforms the user experience.

The ‘Post to View’ feature was released in 2022 as a way of encouraging creators to partake in another new feature – ‘Time to Now’.

The idea of the ‘Post to View’ feature is that creators who wanted to view a specific post would first need to post their own ‘Time to Now’ update. This update works in much the same way as the standalone ‘BeReal’ app, requiring a photo to be captured on the front view and selfie view camera of a device, to show followers exactly what the user or creator is doing in that moment. 

When creators has shared their ‘Time to Now’ update within the three minutes allotted time, they could then access the previously blurred content that was hidden behind the ‘Post to View’ caption.

What Was The Response to This Feature?

To be honest, this has not been one of TikTok’s finest or most popular rollouts. Not only does the ‘Time to Now’ almost exactly mimic ‘BeReal’ with a few minor changes, but the idea of having to post in order to unlock another creator’s content seemed unfair.

Notably, the ‘Time to Now’ feature allows both photo and video content to be shared, which is one of the standout differences between this and ‘BeReal’. However, the way the app notifies users is largely the same. 

In short, ‘Post to View’ was created as another way to differentiate TikTok’s Now feature from the original ‘BeReal’ app. It encourages creators to share if they want to see the content from others and evokes a more engaging app interface for everyone. 

But what do you think about the feature?

Is this one to keep, or one to run away from?