What Is Remixing On Instagram?

We’ve all heard of remixing in the club or at a party, when a DJ layers one song over another…

We’ve all heard of remixing in the club or at a party, when a DJ layers one song over another to create a remixed version of a classic.

Well, it turns out that remixing on Instagram works in much the same way – taking an existing reel video and layering it with your own add-on footage.

How this footage works, and what it is designed to do, is up to you. Some users access the remix function as a way to inject their own take on a reels trend, while others use it to film and share their reaction.

Keep reading for a bit more information on how remixing on Instagram works and why users love this new feature.

How Does Remixing On Instagram Work?

When you decide to remix an Instagram reel, you select an existing video and film your own video to run alongside the original. These two videos are then played alongside each other on a split screen, so that followers can watch both videos at the same time and really benefit from the reaction, comparison, or collaboration.

The way that the feature is used varies depending on the user and their creative energy, not to mention how they interpret and design to enhance existing reels.

It’s worth noting at this point that the original reel creator needs to enable access for the remix feature on their content. It is only with this permission that Instagram will present their content and properly credit them for it on the left hand side of the split screen. Turning the remix function on or off is super easy on Instagram, either by changing the privacy settings on your content or adjusting the permissions on each reel that you post.

How To Remix A Reel On Instagram

Now for the remixing itself.

If you’ve seen a reel on Instagram and think you could have a go at something similar yourself or want to film a reaction video to run alongside the original, then remix reels could be a good option.

Simply find the reel that you want to remix and tap the three dots underneath the main reaction and engagement icons. If remixing is available, click ‘Remix this Reel’.

Now it’s time to upload or film your own reel to run alongside the original.

Once complete, the two videos will appear side by side – the original on the left and your new video on the right.

You can edit the audio, speed of the video, and more via the options on the screen. Once you’re happy, write your caption and post the video as normal!

And voila! A remixed reel which combines popular reels with your own spin, reaction, or addition to the original! This is a really fun way of updating existing reels and injecting your own energy into video trends.