What Is TikTok Live?

TikTok Live is one of the app’s standout features, connecting creators with their followers and enabling authentic content and conversation…

TikTok Live is one of the app’s standout features, connecting creators with their followers and enabling authentic content and conversation between members of the same TikTok communities.

While there are some eligibility criteria that need to be met by creators who want to go Live, typically this feature is one of the most popular for those who want to build their following and increase their visibility on the app.

Eligibility Criteria for TikTok Live

In order for a creator to be able to host a TikTok Live, they need to:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Have more than 1,000 followers

What Can You Do on TikTok Live?

TikTok Live is essentially a live stream, hosted by a creator, that can be scheduled and advertised to followers, or hosted ad hoc as a last minute arrangement.

Users can tune in and out of live streams and will often be able to comment with questions or thoughts that can be seen on screen by both the host and by other followers.

Many creators who host live streams will instruct a moderator to help them control these comments and ensure that they are appropriate and positive. Negative or harmful comments can be removed – or comments can be switched off completely if necessary.

Users can also send gifts via a live stream, turning their TikTok coins into virtual gifts which are received in real time by the host / creator. TikTok Live’s make a big show of these gifts, meaning that everyone involved in the Live can see the gift and recognise its value.

The Benefits of Hosting a TikTok Live Stream

So, why should creators consider hosting live streams on their TikTok?

One of the biggest benefits of hosting a live stream is that it gives creators a chance to communicate and interact with their followers in a very authentic way. There is no hiding behind clever editing and retakes when hosting a live, which makes them very relatable and authentic.

What’s more, users love being able to support their favourite creators with comments, by watching their lives, and by sharing gifts during live streams.

For the creator, these gifts aren’t just good for engagement and for their ranking through the algorithm – they also translate to tangible income once converted from a gift into a TikTok diamond and then real money.

Finally, TikTok Live streams are a great way to make important announcements, drum up interest in a specific piece of content, or celebrate a new collaboration or partnership.

We hope this helps! If you’re a creator considering whether a Live stream is the best next step for you, our advice is to try! Your first Live will be challenging, but from there your popularity and engagement with your followers will only continue to grow and flourish.