What is TikTok Now?

TikTok is one of the most popular apps with users, providing a platform through which they can share updates from…

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TikTok is one of the most popular apps with users, providing a platform through which they can share updates from their day or more structured and formal pieces of content via a compilation of images and videos.

TikTok Now is a new style of content which has been picked up by the app, inviting users to give even more of an ad hoc look into their daily routine through the sharing of a quick picture – taken using the front and back camera on their device.

It mimics the core function of the ‘BeReal’ app. This app gives users a daily prompt to snap a photo using the front and back camera’s on their device, inviting their followers to enjoy a snapshot look at what they’re doing.

But TikTok Now boasts a few additional features. And that’s what we’re going to outline in this article.

How Does TikTok Now Work?

TikTok now works in much the same way as BeReal, in that it delivers a daily prompt to the TikTok user or creator to share something with their followers. This prompt appears along the top of the screen in a pop up window, which reads ‘Time to Now’. This gives you a countdown of how long you have to snap your TikTok Now – and if you miss the timeline, then the chance to post a Now update has gone for the day.

One of the differences between this and BeReal is that while users can take a quick photo with both cameras, they have the added choice of snapping a 10 second (or shorter) video instead.

Another difference between TikTok Now and BeReal is that TikTok Now can be accessed as a separate mobile app. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this is that the TikTok Now app can be controlled as a separate notification, giving users a prompt to create and share their Now update, while keeping other TikTok notifications silenced via the alternative app.

Because TikTok Now is a very new feature that is still being trialled by TikTok, it is only currently accessible in some regions of the USA, with plans to roll it out on a wider scale if and when it is deemed successful. Let us know if you have experience of TikTok Now and how you find the system!

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