What Is Trending on TikTok?

The challenge that users, creators, and blossoming influencers on TikTok face is keeping up with the vast and varied assortment…

The challenge that users, creators, and blossoming influencers on TikTok face is keeping up with the vast and varied assortment of trends.

As an app which revolves around engaging and interactive video content, knowing what is trending and how you can get involved is crucial to staying relevant on the platform.

In this article, we’re looking at some of the recent trends that have been sweeping TikTok at the time of writing and will also share insight into how you can keep on top of what’s trending.

The way that trends are used on TikTok differs according to the trend.

Some use trending audio and songs, while others use the platform to join dance challenges and crazes, and to share their own variation on a trending concept.

Here are some of most recent trends that have been seen and noted on TikTok, as of May 2024.

  • ‘Let’s F***ing Go? I guess’ – a lip sync trend whereby users post themselves lip syncing to this voiceover, talking about something they are reluctant to do or get involved in
  • ‘Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?’ – a transition trend, showing a cute photo or pet transitioning into something scary
  • ‘You Wouldn’t Last an Hour…’ – a trend which focuses on a trending sound, talking about a challenging situation or “asylum” as per the audio, which underpins a relatable experience
  • Brain Rot – adding your own text overlays to a template of pictures and a trending sound, talking about what has rotted your brain
  • Millennial vs. Gen Z – comparing the way that different generations speak, communicate, and interact online and in everyday situations

There are plenty more where they came from – they are just some of the most notable.

Depending on the specific kind of content and the industries that you are interested in viewing and engaging with, you will come across specific themes and trends yourself. These are not necessarily as platform-wide as the above list, but they do focus on your TikTok community so may be more relatable for you and your followers.

TikTok trends come and go so quickly that you almost need to check daily if you want to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your content is always relevant and engaging.

Perhaps the best way of seeing what is trending at any given time is to head to the search page on TikTok and look at what has a pink rising arrow next to it. This arrow means that the amount of content using that keyword is on the rise, highlighting a potential trend and a content type that could help you to go viral.

You will also find examples of trending audio when you upload a new TikTok and add sound, with the platform automatically recommending audio clips, songs, and sounds which are trending on the app.

Or you can follow users and accounts that are notorious for influencing and sharing new and upcoming trends on their profile and in their videos. While some share frequent updates about new trends, others specialise in teaching users how to access and optimise their content according to those trends.

We hope this helps! Trends are such a fundamental part of the TikTok app and of the way that users engage and connect with content – so keeping on top of them is one of the best ways of elevating your profile in the eyes of users.