What Is YouTube? – Understanding the World’s Biggest Video Sharing Platform

Are you thinking about starting a YouTube channel? Whether you’re an independent creator, influencer, brand, or local business, YouTube offers…

Are you thinking about starting a YouTube channel? Whether you’re an independent creator, influencer, brand, or local business, YouTube offers tremendous value as a marketing platform.

With the right content strategy on YouTube, you have a chance to set up several income streams and spread awareness of your brand or business. What is YouTube, and how do you use it to its full potential?

Getting Started with Watching YouTube Videos

There are plenty of ways to watch YouTube videos. You can view content through the smart TV app, your mobile device, or the desktop client. Set up a YouTube account and start subscribing to content creators you find appealing.

The more videos you watch, the more the YouTube algorithm identifies the kind of content you like to watch. The algorithm serves you content suggestions based on videos you like, comment on, and share, refining your experience on the platform.

Finding Videos on YouTube

If you’re using YouTube for entertainment, there are several ways to find the content you might find appealing.

  • Enter a keyword in the search box and browse the videos served to you by the algorithm.
  • Search categories and topics for content you find appealing.
  • Look for top creators in any niche and follow their channel.
  • Filter your search results by popularity and relevancy (date).
  • Visit the trending topics tab.

This only scratches the tip of the iceberg. YouTube has so much content available at your fingertips that you’ll find it overwhelming at first. Once you get the hang of navigating the platform and using the tools. You’ll find it easy to build a collection of channel subscriptions that give you a never-ending stream of content to watch.

Finding Videos on YouTube

Interact With YouTube Videos

The YouTube algorithm looks at your activity on the platform. The algorithm takes note of your behavior every time you like a video, comment, share it with your friends on social media, or subscribe to a creator. The more you interact and engage with content on the site, the more the algorithm fine-tunes your experience to keep you coming back for more.

Sharing YouTube Videos

You can share the content you watch if you like a video and feel it will add value to other people’s experiences on the site. There are several ways to share the video. It depends on the device you use to access the site.

If you’re watching content on your mobile device or desktop client, you’ll see the “share” button in the ribbon next to the like and dislike buttons. Click it, and the app presents a URL to copy to any communication channel.

You’ll also see dedicated buttons for sharing it to your social media channels and options for embedding the video code on your blog or website.

Save YouTube Videos to Watch Later

YouTube also allows you to download and save videos to your account if you want to watch the content at a later date when you’re not around an internet connection. Click the “Download” button next to the share button, and you’ll see the “Downloading” pop-up appear in the bottom right of your screen, with a progress bar.

You can download as many videos as you like in one session and watch them later. After it finishes downloading, you’ll see the video appear in your downloads playlist. After you watch it, you can delete it from the list. You can choose to create a new playlist of content you want to watch in your library.

Subscribing to YouTube Channels

After creating your account, you might find you like content from a specific creator. You can subscribe to their channel, and their new videos will appear in your “Subscriptions.” You’ll see the subscriptions tab appear after clicking the three lines in the top left corner of your screen, next to the YouTube logo.

What Is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is the site’s response to TikTok taking its market share. These videos are bite-size content lasting up to 60 seconds. Most creators shoot a Short on their cellphones, and you can use stickers and captions to add more depth to the content you publish through the medium.

Shorts are ideal for promoting longer-length videos on your channel if you’re a creator. The YouTube algorithm also likes promoting Shorts. So, if you want to gain more exposure for your channel, publish Shorts to get more reach with your content and build your audience.

What Is YouTube Shorts?

The YouTube Partner Program for Creators

If you fancy yourself as a budding YouTuber, make the leap to publishing videos on the platform. As a YouTuber, you’ll need to meet a few criteria before you can start earning money from your channel. The “YouTube Partner Program” allows you to monetize your account and earn income through publishing content on your YouTube channel.

However, you’ll have to meet these minimum criteria before YouTube welcomes you to the YPP.

  • You need to reside in a country offering the YouTube partner program.
  • You must have 4,000 watch hours on your channel in the last 12 months.
  • You need at least 1,000 subscribers to your channel.
  • You must comply with YouTube’s policies and terms of service.

After being accepted to the YPP, you have several methods available for generating income. 

  • You can charge a “join” fee for a membership to your channel. 
  • You can earn income through ad revenue generated on your site. 
  • You can accept “Super Thanks” tips and make money through ‘Super Chat” functions in live streams and much more.

What Is YouTube – Key Takeaways

YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing site. It offers the potential for private creators to build a business by generating income through several sources. A platform is also a great tool for brands and companies to create awareness in their target market and market to their key demographic.

Starting with YouTube is easy. Follow the tips in this guide to set up your account and start posting content to your channel. All it takes is consistency and dedication to posting on the platform, and eventually, you’ll reach the success your desire.