When Did TikTok Become Popular?

TikTok as it exists today was born in 2018 and was the culmination of a couple of different apps which…

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TikTok as it exists today was born in 2018 and was the culmination of a couple of different apps which were acquired by parent company ByteDance and rolled out to form one giant streaming platform.

The original Musical.ly app, which was acquired in 2018, used music as its founding base and encouraged lip sync and dance challenge videos. ByteDance’s own version, called Douyin, was already popular – and so the acquisition of Musical.ly meant that the two could be merged to form a powerhouse in the short form content industry.

TikTok was born in 2018, and really went global when a lip sync video was shared in December of that year – combining music by Adele, with a red gummy bear. When the perspective of the video shifts to show hundreds of gummy bears, and the music picks up a backing choir of hundreds of voices, the simple video becomes engaging and incredibly entertaining. This was the dawn of TikTok’s popularity.

TikTok has made short form content popular, and as well as its short and entertaining videos also now enables longer content up to 10 minutes in length when necessary.

It combines music and fun filters and editing options with classic video formats – and is the birthplace of countless trends.

What’s more, TikTok has developed an algorithm where it can track the content that people and users enjoy and show them content which is similar. This supports the app’s growth by providing personalised and bespoke experiences to users, and marketing popular pages to those that are likely to engage with them.

Who Uses TikTok?

The beauty of TikTok is that it can be, and is, accessed and used by consumers of all ages – and creators across all industries and niche markets.

It is typically seen as a younger and fresher app when compared with Instagram and Facebook, though these platforms are still picking up new trends and features to stay relevant and competitive.

Are you a TikTok user? What are your standout features from the app?