Which TikTok Star Died Recently?

While the most recent TikTok death came about just a couple of weeks before the time of writing, in mid-April…

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While the most recent TikTok death came about just a couple of weeks before the time of writing, in mid-April 2024, the rise in deaths across TikTok stars is nothing new.

In fact, there have been more than a few notable deaths of TikTok stars and those who have made a name for themselves on the platform.

But by far the most recent occurred just a couple of weeks ago…

Marisa Roth

The death of Marisa Roth was announced in the middle of April 2024. A note posted by her mother to announce her death highlighted the toxicity of her daughter’s public notoriety on TikTok and mentioned some of the hurt that she had faced during her time as a TikTok star.

Marisa’s profile was rife with commentary on celebrity gossip and pop culture news, with more than 175,000 followers tuning into her content. She was often regarded as controversial owing to the questionable nature of her claims and stories, and the fact that many were unverified – despite how she framed them to followers.

Her death was reported as tragic and sudden.

Other TikTok Star Deaths

  • Rochelle Hager, killed in a freak accident when a tree fell and hit her car
  • Anthony Barajas, who was killed in a shooting while watching a movie at the local cinema
  • Dazharia Shaffer, who committed suicide
  • Eliane Ferreira Siolin, killed as a result of a revealing post by her husband. He shot her in 2021 at a family event in front of her daughter
  • Timbo the Redneck, a stuntman on TikTok who died in a driving stunt that went wrong
  • Alexis Sharkey, who was murdered by an unknown assailant at the time of writing
  • Swavy, a dance trend TikTokker who was shot to death in broad daylight
  • Siya Kakkar, a 16-year old TikTok star who took her own life
  • Xiao Qiumei, a creator who fell to her death while recording content for TikTok

The list goes on, putting the spotlight on TikTok stars who have died at their own hands, in freak accidents, or at the hands of others around them.

While not all of the deaths are linked to their fame on the TikTok channel, one issue this highlights is the immense pressure that TikTok stars are under.

It is recommended that all those who seek to become TikTok stars do so warily and with an eye to the need for good support and excellent privacy when using the app. TikTok’s community guidelines are specifically in place to protect users and must be adhered to in order to keep your corner of the platform as safe as possible.