Who To Follow On Instagram

This is one of those topics with an unlimited number of possible answers. As a largely image-based and visual platform,…

This is one of those topics with an unlimited number of possible answers.

As a largely image-based and visual platform, Instagram is a great app for connecting with friends and family – sharing updates in the form of photos, videos, memes, and messages.

But that’s not all the app is good for. Instagram is an equally good platform on which to connect and engage with businesses, both locally and internationally – discovering new brands, finding inspiration across all sectors, and meeting professional and personal contacts.

Suffice to say, when it comes to who to follow on Instagram, most of us will agree that our ‘Following’ list is a melting pot of friends, family, influencers, and brands that we love.

Keep reading for some more information on the different types of profile that you can follow, and to discover the benefits of different interactions on Instagram.

Why Follow Brands And Businesses On Instagram?

Businesses and brands tend to use Instagram as an engagement tool and as a way of keeping customers and clients updated with news, launches, deals, and more.

If you are wondering who to follow on Instagram, picking some of your favourite brands will mean that you are part of their inner circle – accessing updates when they happen, and getting some behind the scenes insight into business operations.

Now, more than ever, brands and businesses are using Instagram to humanise their online presence. This means that following these types of profiles will often give you some context behind the business and an introduction to the founders and wider team.

Why Follow Influencers On Instagram?

Influencers use their profile as a platform for curated content, which often taps directly into their niche market. For some, it’s homeware and interior styling, while for others it’s food, or fashion, or life on a farm.

Whatever the trend that you are interested in, influencers are great accounts to follow for plenty of aesthetic content and tips on how to bring certain concepts to life. They also often work with brands that operate in their chosen sector or niche and can introduce followers to new products and share discount codes and deals.

Instagram For Personal Connections

Of course, for most Instagram users, the main bulk of your connections are friends and family and people you meet both personally and through work.

Instagram is an incredibly sociable platform with countless ways of sharing content with other users. Staying connected with friends and family via posts and story updates, Close Friends lists, and even live streams couldn’t be easier on Instagram – interspersing branded content and business updates with posts and photos from your friends’ latest party or a family members’ birthday.

To cut a very long story short, Instagram has something for everyone – with users able to personalise their experience by following a blend of personal connections, influencers, and business accounts that resonate with them most!