Why Are My Instagram Posts Blurry?

With Instagram a primarily visual app, it follows that in order to gain a good following and encourage good engagement,…

With Instagram a primarily visual app, it follows that in order to gain a good following and encourage good engagement, your posts need to be of a good quality and aesthetically pleasing.

Unless deliberate, blurry photos can ruin an Instagram post and can contribute towards an account being seen as unprofessional and careless in its posting.

But it’s not always the users fault. Here are some of the reasons why your Instagram posts may be coming out blurry.

1. You’re Taking Photos Through Instagram

This is a strange one because you’d assume that Instagram presenting a camera feature would mean it takes a good photo – right?

Unfortunately that’s not how this works.

In fact, Instagram’s in-app camera delivers a poor quality compared with your device’s camera – primarily because the Instagram camera adds an additional obstacle between you and the photo you’re capturing. That is, the Instagram camera operates through the device camera, meaning that the image is captured through two lens’ rather than one.

So, if your photos are blurry or poor in quality, it could be because you’re using the in-app camera – and should instead stick with capturing images on your device then uploading them to Instagram.

2. You Have Poor Connection

This is one of the most common issues, because poor connection leads to a low quality upload process.

If you’re finding your images appear blurry, try uploading them when you find better signal!

3. Instagram Has Cropped Your Image

The third and final reason why you photos and images may be presenting a blurry finish is that you have taken the photo in a configuration or size that Instagram needs to crop. If you leave the cropping to Instagram, the app will not consider the aesthetic of the image but rather the simple logistics of its size and layout.

Stick with 4:5 aspect ratio or the classic 1:1 Instagram square shape for the best results.

And there you have it! Three of the most common reasons why Instagram posts may appear blurry – and what you can do to fix it. Now there’s no excuse to upload a blurry photo!