Why Are You Losing Subscribers on YouTube?

A sudden drop in YouTube subscribers is scary, but it doesn’t mean your channel is doomed. You can stop the…

A sudden drop in YouTube subscribers is scary, but it doesn’t mean your channel is doomed.

You can stop the drain and start gaining subscribers again. You can stop the drain and start gaining subscribers again. Figuring out where you went wrong is the first step.

This guide shows:

  • Common mistakes that cause subscribers to give up on your channel.
  • Why you might be losing YouTube subscribers through no fault of your own.
  • Easy ways to get your subscriber count back up.

Losing YouTube Subscribers: What Are You Doing Wrong?

Has your subscriber count plummeted?

Taking a good hard look at common mistakes YouTubers make is the easiest way to get your subscriber count back up:

1. You Might Be Losing YouTube Subscribers Because Your Content Is All Over the Place

People subscribe to YouTube channels when they discover content they love.

When your viewers hit Subscribe, they tell you they’re excited to watch more. If your other videos are completely different, they unsubscribe in a heartbeat.

Developing a clear niche and sticking to it is a great way to hold onto YouTube subscribers.

2. You Might Be Losing YouTube Subscribers Because (People Think) Your Channel Is Dead

You don’t have to post often to hold onto your subscribers. Some YouTubers focus on making high-quality videos and only post once a month.

That’s fine.

You do have to have a regular posting schedule.

Your viewers will smash that Unsubscribe button without a second thought if they think your channel is dead.

3. You Might Be Losing YouTube Subscribers Because Your Videos Are Boring

Your subscribers crave creative and compelling content.

People who once loved your videos might flock to other YouTube channels if your videos are boring:

  • Nothing sets your channel apart from the crowd. Thousands of other YouTube channels post similar videos. Many do a better job.
  • Your YouTube videos are great — but terribly repetitive.
  • Your delivery falls flat.
  • You jump on trends that have passed.

4. You Might Be Losing YouTube Subscribers Because Your Content Is Offensive or Controversial

Some YouTubers build their channels around controversial content, but be careful!

You may lose YouTube subscribers if:

  • You just started making videos about controversial topics. Some subscribers are bound to disagree and get angry.
  • You get into drama with and about other YouTubers. Viewers quickly get bored of these YouTube wars.

5. You Might Be Losing YouTube Subscribers Because of Overly Commercial Content

Many YouTubers are excited to monetize their channels. Posting sponsored content is a great way to make a living on YouTube.

YouTube viewers tolerate — and even welcome — sponsored posts, but you lose subscribers if you overdo it.

Your once loyal followers might mercilessly hit that Unsubscribe button if:

  • Your content has become overly commercial. Your viewers think you only care about making money.
  • The sponsored posts have nothing to do with your YouTube channel. Promoting VPNs or hair loss remedies is risky if you have an art channel, for example.
  • Your sponsored content feels forced and stops subscribers from enjoying your videos.

6. You Might Be Losing YouTube Subscribers Because You Are Taking Your Channel in a New Direction

Our passions change. We evolve. Are you bored of the niche you built your audience around?

Subscribers who love your old content but hate your new videos will leave your channel behind.

That’s OK. New subscribers will come along as you settle into your new niche.

7. You Might Be Losing YouTube Subscribers Because You Fail to Engage Your Audience

YouTube viewers want to be able to relate to you. They want to be part of a community.

Do you ask your viewers to hit like and subscribe 20 times per video? Do you never make community posts or post polls to find out what else your audience would like to see? Do you not bother to like and reply to comments?

Expect your subscriber count to drop if your channel feels like a one-way street.

Losing YouTube Subscribers: Common Reasons That Have Nothing to Do with You

Have you lost a shocking number of YouTube subscribers in a short time? It might not be your fault.

You could be losing subscribers for reasons that have nothing to do with your content or social media strategy:

1. You Might Be Losing YouTube Subscribers Because YouTube Deletes Suspicious Accounts

YouTube occasionally audits subscriber lists in search of spam or bot accounts.

The platform asks potentially-fraudulent accounts to go through a verification process and bans suspicious users a few times a year.

This process can lead to thousands of lost subscribers.

The good news? Your YouTube channel will recover over time if you keep making great videos.

2. You Might Be Losing YouTube Subscribers Because Your Viewers Have Moved On

People grow and change. That means you will lose YouTube subscribers even if you do everything right.

Some subscribers get bored of your content and move on. Others decide to switch off from social media.

Your channel will attract new subscribers over time if you continue making engaging YouTube videos.

3. You Might Be Losing YouTube Subscribers Because the Competition Is Steep

More than 29,000 YouTube channels boast over a million subscribers. These mega channels are just the tip of the YouTube iceberg. The competition is steep — and your audience is picky.

Just like YouTube sometimes culls suspicious accounts, YouTube users periodically go through their subscribed channels and remove channels they no longer enjoy watching.

4. You Might Be Losing YouTube Subscribers Because Your Content Is Stale

Did you build your YouTube channel around a topic or interest that’s no longer trendy?

Losing subscribers is par for the course when the world moves on and discovers a new trend.

What Can You Do to Stop Losing YouTube Subscribers?

Losing YouTube subscribers is always hard, but you don’t have to stand by as the channel you worked so hard to build up takes a nosedive.

Follow these steps to grow your YouTube audience:

1. Develop a Clear Niche (But Don’t Limit Yourself Too Much)

Your YouTube will grow if you consistently make videos your viewers want to watch. You need to pick a niche to gain and keep subscribers.

Consider making a new YouTube channel if you want to experiment with a different niche.

2. Make High-Quality YouTube Videos

Modern viewers crave high-quality videos made with professional equipment. As your channel grows, upgrade your equipment and your editing skills.

3. Stay Authentic

Has YouTube turned into a job? Are you not excited to make videos anymore? Your subscribers will pick up on your lost passion — and leave.

Stay authentic and make videos you love to hold onto your YouTube subscribers.

4. Post YouTube Videos Regularly

You don’t need to upload YouTube videos every day to be successful. It is OK to post once a week or even once a month.

Just make sure your subscribers know when to expect your next video. That way, your viewers know you are still active.

5. Allow Your Channel to Evolve Over Time

Are you getting bored? Do you want to take your YouTube channel in a new direction?

Your subscribers are less likely to abandon you if you move away from the videos you used to make over time rather than pivoting suddenly.

6. Engage Your YouTube Audience

Show your subscribers you care:

  • Take the time to like and respond to comments.
  • Make community posts. Thank your viewers for watching. Get them talking about something.
  • Make polls. Ask your viewers what your next video should be about, or get them to express their views about your niche.

7. Choose Your Sponsors Wisely

Sponsored content can play a role in building your YouTube channel, but be careful. Only accept sponsors you are excited about — and that your subscribers will love too.

Why Are You Losing YouTube Subscribers? A Final Word

YouTube is huge. Even the best YouTubers lose subscribers. If your subscriber count tanked quickly, you might be doing something wrong. You can also lose subscribers for reasons that have nothing to do with you.

Common Reasons for Losing YouTube Subscribers

Losing YouTube subscribers is common if:

  • You haven’t developed a clear niche, or you pivot suddenly.
  • You don’t upload new YouTube videos regularly.
  • Your videos are boring.
  • You’ve said or done something offensive or controversial.
  • Your content is too commercial. You push your sponsors too hard.
  • You don’t engage your audience.

Losing YouTube Subscribers Is Not Always Your Fault

YouTube periodically removes suspicious accounts, leading to a sudden drop in subscribers.

Viewers also have a tendency to get bored. You lose subscribers when they are no longer interested in your niche or your videos.

With so many great channels to choose from, the competition is steep! Are you losing subscribers? Taking an honest look at your YouTube channel is your first step. Fixing common mistakes can stop the subscriber drain — and put your channel back on track.