Why Can’t I Make 10 Minute Videos on TikTok?

TikTok has been steadily increasing its in-app features and tools, giving creators more flexibility in terms of the length of…

TikTok has been steadily increasing its in-app features and tools, giving creators more flexibility in terms of the length of their videos and the editing process.

While the earliest TikTok videos were short snippets, owing to the original format of TikTok which revolved around quick clips and dance challenges, over time the app has adapted to enable longer videos – extending to 60 seconds, then 3 minutes, and now 10 minutes.

However, in recent months there have been some reports that the 10 minute option has disappeared – leaving users and creators wondering why they can no longer create and make 10 minute videos.

In this article, we explore the issue.

Has the 10 Minute Creator Tool Gone?

The answer to this falls into two main points – however the quickest answer is that users can still create videos of up to 10 minutes in length. They might just have to adopt a slightly different approach to creating that video.

The first thing to note is that the 10 minute format was originally an experiment, with some reports back in 2023 stating that the experiment had ended and removed the direct tool for recording these longer videos. Instead, users could upload and edit clips to create 10 minute videos but could not record them directly into TikTok.

The other thing this tells us is that uploading existing clips is perhaps more popular, and certainly a more flexible way of creating longer form videos. Creators can access TikTok’s leading features and editing tools, but upload footage from previous events.

How to Create a 10 Minute Video

If, when you click to create a new TikTok video, you cannot see the 10 minute option, then you can upload clips and create your own of up to 10 minutes in length through uploading and editing.

Either way, the beauty of TikTok is that creators can build and finesse their videos to the perfect length for their audience – with short videos that engage and entertain, and longer videos available if the creator wants to inform and educate their audience.

We hope this helps. The 10 minute TikTok video tool is designed for longer form content and informative videos – and is a great way to share bigger chunks of content for your followers to save and share. However, even these longer videos need a hook and need to be engaging if you hope to encourage your followers to connect and interact with the content!