Why Can’t I Pin Comments on TikTok

There are several reasons why you may find yourself unable to pin a comment on a TikTok video or post…

There are several reasons why you may find yourself unable to pin a comment on a TikTok video or post that you have shared.

Perhaps the most obvious reason, however, is that you aren’t the creator.

Only creators have the power to pin and unpin comments on their posts. This means that if you add a comment to someone’s post and want to know how to pin it to the top for maximum visibility, the short answer is that you can’t.

But before we share any more about why you may be unable to pin comments, and how to fix any underlying issues, it’s first beneficial to learn a little more about pinned comments and how they work…

What Are Pinned Comments?

A pinned comment is one which sits at the top of the comment section under a post or video on TikTok.

Sometimes it will contain relevant information about the video, other times it will contain information from the creator relating to a launch or announcement that they want to make. And on other occasions, a pinned comment could even be a really good question or particularly useful comment from a follower, relating to the video.

Whatever it is, a pinned comment is one which receives high level visibility – in short, it can’t be missed!

How to Pin Comments

In order to pin a comment, you have to be the creator behind the original video or TikTok.

If you’re not the creator, then you won’t be able to pin a comment. However, you may receive a notification that the creator has pinned your comment to the top of their comment feed.

Pinning a comment is quick and easy. The creator simply needs to press and hold on the comment that they want to pin, until a pop up menu appears. Select ‘Pin Comment’ from that pop up, and the comment will rise to the top of the comment chain.

This means that the comment will receive more visibility and will help to set the tone for the entire comment stream below.

Why You Can’t Pin a Comment

If you’ve tried the above and can’t seem to pin the comment to the top, the chances are that it’s not your comment feed to adjust – or you’re lacking the connection or permissions to pin a comment.

If you are the creator and still can’t pin a comment, then our advice is to assess your connection and the quality of your network and raise a report with TikTok if the problem persists.

We hope this helps!