Why Can’t I Reply To Messages on Instagram?

If you’re in the throes of a conversation with another Instagram user, it can be incredibly frustrating when your messages…

If you’re in the throes of a conversation with another Instagram user, it can be incredibly frustrating when your messages suddenly stop sending and present that annoying little “Sending” icon next to your latest message.

Well, luckily there aren’t any specific reasons why Instagram messages should suddenly stop sending – meaning that it’s not a user issue, but rather something that’s going wrong with your connection or the app itself.

How Does Poor Connection Affect Messages?

If you don’t have sufficient internet to send a message, it may be that your outgoing message gets stuck with the “Sending” icon.

In very bad signal spots, and in cases where your device drops signal for a prolonged period, you might find that your message disappears and is never received by the other user.

Generally, if the user receives a message and opens it, your message will show the word “Seen” underneath it. Once they respond, this note will disappear, until you send another message.

To double check that your reply has sent, hover over the message and swipe left. If you can see an arrow and a specific time stamp, this tells you when you message was sent to their device.

Can’t Reply to Messages on Instagram

Should I Update My Instagram App?

If you are having continued problems with Instagram messages and keep finding that your messages are not sending, then you may need to update the app.

Outdated and old versions of Instagram and other social media platforms are often plagued with issues. Even if you get in touch with Instagram to report a problem, the chances are that their first piece of advice will be to update your app.

If this doesn’t work, resort to an old favourite: delete and reinstall the app.

Reporting a User Issue To Instagram

If all else fails and you still can’t send timely responses to messages, then reporting the issue to Instagram’s Support Team will iron out any issues in no time.

Do this via the settings menu on your profile page, selecting ‘Help’ then ‘Report a Problem’.

We hope that this gets you back up and sending DM’s in record time!

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