Why Can’t I Sent TikTok’s to My Friends on TikTok?

There’s nothing quite as irritating as finding a TikTok that you want to share with a friend, or that you…

There’s nothing quite as irritating as finding a TikTok that you want to share with a friend, or that you know a loved one will find interesting, only to discover that the app is stopping you from sending the video.

There are a number of reasons why you may find yourself blocked from sending a TikTok to a friend through the app – with this article created to help overcome some of the most common issues that could be at play.

Problem 1: You’ve Been Blocked

If you’re trying to send a TikTok video or any kind of message to a specific friend but find that you can’t, it could be that the friend has blocked you on TikTok.

When you are blocked, you will no longer be able to send messages to that user. You will also be unable to tag them in comments, see their videos, or visit their profile.

Problem 2: the Video Is Private

If the original creator has got their content set to private, then only those who follow them will be able to view their videos and posts.

So, if you try and send a video from a creator who you follow, but your friend / the recipient does not follow the creator, they may be unable to receive and view the video.

Problem 3: You’re Under 16

Under 16s cannot send direct messages to other users via the TikTok app or messaging service. This is a privacy and security feature that was added by TikTok to protect younger users from being approached via DM. It prevents those who are under 16 from sending messages or from directly sending videos via the app.

If you want to access the DM feature, you will ned to wait until you are over 16.

Problem 4: Your Internet Is Bad

If your internet connection is poor or weak, then you will find a number of actions are blocked. One of these may well be the ability to send a video through TikTok, owing to the need to not only load the video but package it up and send it to another device / user.

How to Fix These Issues

If any of these issues are behind your inability to send a video to a friend via TikTok, then you should be able to find a workaround by sending on a different social app or waiting until you have better connection.

If a friend has blocked you, you may need to reach out to them directly to ask why. Similarly, if the original video has been shared by a user with a private profile, your friend will either need to follow them to gain access to their videos or watch the video on your device the next time you meet up!

We hope this helps you to uncover just some of the issues that could be at play, impacting your ability to send and share videos with a friend on TikTok.