Why Did My TikTok Disappear After Posting?

There’s nothing more annoying than creating and posting a TikTok, only to find that it disappears shortly after. The reasons…

There’s nothing more annoying than creating and posting a TikTok, only to find that it disappears shortly after.

The reasons for this occurring could be down to an error or a report that means your content is removed or hidden to allow time for assessment under TikTok moderators.

Either way, it’s annoying – and can have a huge impact on your ability to reach your target audience at the right time.

In this article, we’re sharing the most common reasons why a TikTok video may disappear and what you can do to fix it.

Content Violates One or More Community Guidelines

If your content is deemed a violation of community guidelines or creator regulations, then you will find that it is removed or hidden while TikTok moderators assess it.

There is nothing you can do except wait for the time to pass – however, familiarising yourself with the posting guidelines is an important part of maintaining a good reputation on the platform.

Network Issues During the Upload

It requires a certain amount of network connection to send a video from your device into the world of TikTok. If your network isn’t up to the job, then you may find your video fails or disappears.

Hopefully, a video that disappears will end up in your Drafts on TikTok though this is not always the case. Which is why it’s important to only ever upload videos when you have a good connection!

You Haven’t Saved Your Video

If you haven’t yet posted your video but you need to close the app, make sure to save it before exiting TikTok. Unsaved videos go missing all the time and can be lost for good if you don’t take steps to save them!

Third Party Applications

If you’ve created or edited your TikTok with the help of a third party app, you might find that TikTok has some issues uploading it.

It’s important to only use authorised apps, and if you are concerned about a feature embedded in a third party app, save the content as a standard video before uploading it to TikTok. This will cut out any connection between third party apps and ensure your TikTok is uploaded as a standard video.

TikTok Is Glitching!

Stories about online applications are constantly flooding news sites and social feeds. If you try and upload a TikTok but find it won’t post or that it disappears, it could be that the app has glitched and will be back up and running soon (hopefully with your video safely in your grid feed!)

How to Ensure You Never Lose a Video

If you’re worried about TikTok videos disappearing after you’ve posted them, the best thing to do is save them to your device before posting.

This ensures that even if the video disappears on TikTok, it is still accessible to you and can be reuploaded.

We hope this helps! The more prepared you are for potential issues, the easier it will be to overcome them!