Why Do My TikTok Views Stop at 200?

While TikTok is often marketed as a platform on which users and their visitors can go viral, a common issue…

While TikTok is often marketed as a platform on which users and their visitors can go viral, a common issue that many creators are experiencing is a cap at 200 views.

As a result of this, multiple creators are complaining that their videos never seem to push past the 200 views mark – which lead us to one big question. What role do view figures play in TikTok’s algorithm, and is there a cap for videos which don’t hit certain viewing numbers or interaction?

The TikTok 200 Algorithm

In short, it seems as though TikTok has a two-stage video rollout – whereby videos are first released to an audience of 200-300 viewers to see how users respond.

If the videos performs well then it is rolled out to a second audience and is given the chance to go viral through the ‘For You’ page. If it doesn’t perform well, then the exposure and visibility of that video is likely capped and unable to push beyond that 200 view count.

What this tells us above all is that TikTok values engagement and the interactivity of a video – as well as how likely viewers and followers are to watch beyond the first few seconds. If most followers and viewers scroll past the video after a couple of seconds, then the retention rate is low, and the video has a low chance of gaining more exposure.

So, how can you increase the chance of your video performing well and surpassing the 200 view count?

Tips for Increasing View Count on TikTok

In order for a video to perform well on TikTok, it needs to gain a significant viewer count and high engagement.

This means that content matters – and so does the time you post your video and how you caption it.

The caption of your video lets users and TikTok know what it is about. It can connect a video to a trend and to popular user searches and lets TikTok ascertain the right kind of audience with which to share your video. This becomes particularly important if you want your video to be seen on the ‘For You’ page.

Beyond that, it’s all about making sure that your audience is engaged with the content you share by finding your niche market and delivering content for your followers.

The only way to attract and retain followers, pushing your video beyond the 200 viewer mark, is to give them the kind of content they want and will enjoy.

We hope this helps you to push past the 200 view block!