Why Does Instagram Keep Logging Me Out?

How many of us can actually remember our Instagram login details? The fact is that the app allows us to…

How many of us can actually remember our Instagram login details?

The fact is that the app allows us to remain logged in across multiple devices – meaning that unless we are logging in from a public device or someone else’s phone or tablet, we don’t really need to log out from anywhere.

Which makes it pretty annoying when Instagram suddenly starts logging you out and forcing you to sign in again from scratch!

Luckily, we’ve been working through some of the main causes of Instagram’s logging out error, as well as the quick fixes which should keep you logged in for quick and easy account access.

What Causes Instagram To Log Users Out?

The simplest answer to this is that if your Instagram app or account keeps logging you out, there is an error at play which is impacting your experience.

These errors could be fixed as bugs within the app, or they could be caused by an outdated version of the app that you are running on your device.

The most common causes of regular log out errors include:

  • An excess of accounts signed into one device. This forces one or more accounts to log out to make room for the data linked with the other profiles.
  • You may have changed the password connected to your account on another device and need to enter the new password before being able to access Instagram again.
  • Your Instagram app could require an update or be plagued with an error. Instagram releases regular updated versions and is generally quick to fix bugs, so this should not be a lasting issue.

Tips To Keep Your Instagram Logged In On Your Device

Tips To Keep Your Instagram Logged In On Your Device

The following tips should all help to streamline your Instagram experience and keep you logged in across your devices.

1. Update Your App

If your Instagram keeps logging you out of the app as a result of a bug or error, then the first thing you should do is update the version of the app that you are running. More often than not, this will ensure that your app bypasses any errors that Instagram has fixed as a result of previous issues, and will ensure that you are using the most up-to-date and well-supported version of the app.

2. Check Your Login Details

If you changed the password on your smartphone for example and are now trying to access Instagram via a tablet, you can expect to be asked to re-enter your login credentials for access. This is a security precaution and ensures that changing the password and other access details on one device updates your app across all devices.

3. Check How Many Accounts Are Logged In

Instagram supports access to more than one account at a time via a single login – but only to a certain limit. If you are constantly flicking between accounts on a single login, or have too many accounts connected to your login data, then you may find that Instagram starts kicking your accounts off to clear space and free up some data.

Where possible, stick to just two or three accounts per login as a maximum.

4. Remove Any Third Party Apps Connected to Instagram

There’s a chance that external and third party apps could be impacting your app’s performance or causing the app to shut down for security reasons. Removing and disconnecting these additional apps can be a good way to reset your Instagram and ensure that it is running safely and efficiently.

5. Delete The App and Reinstall It

Finally, an old classic. Deleting the app and reinstalling it again is arguably the best way to quickly remove any hiccups and get it working again optimally. Not only will this force a reset, but it will ensure that you reinstall and start using the most up-to-date version of Instagram and that you are signing in with the right credentials.

We really hope this helps you to overcome the issue of Instagram logging you out of the app on a regular basis! If none of the tips mentioned above help, log an error with Instagram or report a fault with your app / account.

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