Why Does it Say ‘Story Unavailable’ on Instagram?

Have you ever been sent an Instagram story by another user, only to find that when you click to view…

Have you ever been sent an Instagram story by another user, only to find that when you click to view the content the screen is filled with a ‘Story Unavailable’ message?

This can be unbelievably frustrating, especially when the content is something that you really wanted to view or engage with.

But what causes it? In this article, we’re sharing some of the main reasons why you may find yourself unable to view a specific story.

1. The User Has Deleted The Story

If the original poster deletes their Instagram story, it follows that the content will be unavailable to view.

If a story with a single post is deleted, the profile picture of the poster will be removed from your story line-up – making it so you are unlikely to encounter the error message. However, if they delete a story in the middle of a stream of updates, you may see this message pop up in place of the content.

2. The User Account is Private

This is often the most likely cause of a story being unavailable to view, particularly for users who are sent a story by someone else.

If you try to view an Instagram story but don’t follow the original poster’s account, then you may find yourself blocked from viewing the content – especially if their account is set to private. In this instance, only users who follow the account will be able to view and interact with their story.

3. The User Has Blocked You

The third reason why you might be unable to view a particular story has to do with your account being blocked or restricted by the poster or story creator.

In this instance, you may be unaware that they have restricted you as you can still see that they have updated their story. However, if the content itself appears to be unavailable, you can assume that something is preventing you from accessing the update.

4. Something is Wrong on Instagram

The final reason why a story might appear to be unavailable comes down to Instagram itself and how well the app is functioning. If there are any connection errors impacting your experience or the overall running of the app, then you might yourself unable to view updates and stories effectively.

Whatever the issue, we hope that this article helps you to iron out some of the main reasons why you can’t view Instagram story updates – whether it’s a fixable error or something to do with your connection with another user!