Why Does My TikTok Have 0 Views?

Have you posted a TikTok that you think has viral potential, only to find it still stuck on 0 views…

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Have you posted a TikTok that you think has viral potential, only to find it still stuck on 0 views even after being live for an hour or more?

It could be that you don’t have any followers and so your video isn’t being seen by any users. Or it could be that you’ve been hit by the 0 views bug!

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of reasons why you might be stuck on 0 views, and what you can do to reverse your fortunes.

The Main Reasons Behind 0 Views

If you have followers on TikTok, then the chances are that your lack of views isn’t a result of inactivity but rather an underlying problem with the app, your account, or your content.

  • If your account is very new then you may find that it hasn’t been fully verified yet, and so the TikTok algorithm is holding it back in terms of view count and visibility.
  • If your video is set to private mode, or your account is a private account, then you may be unknowingly blocking users from being able to see your content.
  • If you have been shadowbanned (and this is difficult to diagnose as TikTok will not warn you of this kind of ban), you’ll find your account stuck on 0 views.
  • Excessive posting can upset the algorithm and restrict your visibility.
  • Breaking community guidelines will restrict your content. TikTok will inform you in your notifications if this occurs.
  • If your content is under review, then it may be that it simply hasn’t posted yet.

And don’t forget that even TikTok is subject to the odd glitch and may experience issues with the view count on videos.

How to Fix 0 Views

The first and most important thing to do if your TikTok isn’t getting any views, is to check it’s not set to private mode. You can check this in your privacy settings.

Beyond that, our main advice is to check there aren’t any glitches in the app, and otherwise simply be patient and give your content time to make an impact. Sometimes it can take time for momentum to build – but it’ll come!

And don’t forget to always adhere to community guidelines and avoid breaking any terms of use, to ensure your content remains visible and your account remains free from bans.

We hope this helps! Don’t despair if your video hasn’t got any views yet – it only takes a few reposts for momentum to pick up and videos to go viral!