Why is Instagram Not Showing My Posts to Followers?

Believe it or not, this happens more than you might think – with countless businesses, brands, and creators seeing a…

Believe it or not, this happens more than you might think – with countless businesses, brands, and creators seeing a drop in engagement as Instagram suddenly stops showing their posts in the newsfeeds of their followers.

What’s even more annoying than the drop in engagement is the fact that the cause can be difficult to pinpoint!

Here are some of the most common reasons why followers might stop seeing your posts in their newsfeed…

1. A Cycle of Poor Engagement

We’re starting with one of the most frustrating causes (sorry!) – but believe us when we say it’s incredibly important.

If your posts don’t get enough engagement, then Instagram will not prioritise them in the same way because the algorithm implies that your content is not as valuable to followers.

Of course, if you are noticing that your posts aren’t showing for the majority of your followers, then reigniting good engagement is going to be extremely difficult – which is what makes this particular cause so frustrating.

It is why so many businesses and brands that see a drop in engagement will repost their updates to stories and ask their followers to like a post “if they see it on their newsfeed”. This lets the user know how widespread their reach is and make changes accordingly – whether that be to their posting time, their content, or their messaging.

2. Your Posts Aren’t Regular or Consistent

This is another one which is impacted by the Instagram algorithm – because if Instagram values anything, it’s consistency and reliability. To Instagram, posting consistently means that you are more credible. This in turn encourages the app to show your content to more users, therefore growing your presence and building your profile.

3. You’ve Broken a Community Guideline

If you find that one specific post isn’t being shown to followers, then it could be that the post has violated one of the app’s community guidelines and has therefore been restricted by the app. The reasons for this are not always clear (or fair), but you should hopefully see engagement increase with your next post!

4. It’s a Follower Problem!

We can’t leave without sharing one final cause… and that’s the simple fact that your followers may not be engaged enough!

If your posts don’t add value, or they aren’t engaging enough, then you might find that followers simply aren’t interested in what you’re sharing – which can lead to a drop in or lack of engagement. And as we’ve already said, if engagement isn’t where it needs to be or should be, then Instagram will start minimising the number of followers who see your posts.

If nothing else, this article should show you that Instagram is an app where engagement matters – especially if you want your content to be seen by as many followers as possible. The more engagement you get, the more the app will support and promote your content on other newsfeeds, thereby increasing your reach and putting your content in the eyeline of more followers.

So, if you are seeing a drop in engagement, the best thing to do is reassess your content and your posting schedule, and ensure your posts are within Instagram’s community guidelines.

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