Why is Instagram Removing Songs?

A glitch in the app back in 2023 meant that users were suddenly noticing songs disappearing from their stories and…

A glitch in the app back in 2023 meant that users were suddenly noticing songs disappearing from their stories and reels – to be replaced by silence. But this isn’t the only time, or the only cause behind, music going missing on the user experience-side of Instagram.

The challenging thing with music, specifically songs, on Instagram, is licensing and the right to use certain music in a story or on the app.

For example, those who use and create business accounts will experience more obstacles and stumbling blocks than those who use private accounts. This is because business accounts could use songs to promote anything and everything – with Instagram having little control over what or who uses audio to support their content. By removing songs from business accounts and stories, the risk of an inappropriate link between a brand and certain songs is minimised.

But is there a way of bypassing this and still attaching music to your stories?

How Do You Know if Instagram Has Removed Songs?

The most common issue to be reported focuses on the music sticker in the story editing screen – with users complaining that this has not been working properly. Either the sticker has been unavailable, or user searches have thrown up no results.

Other issues include not being able to find specific songs (likely due to licensing) and finding that songs won’t play correctly on the story.

Tips to Overcome Issues With Instagram Music

The two main causes behind issues with music on Instagram are a glitch in the system, and licensing challenges.

If it’s the former, then the best things to do include deleting and reinstalling the Instagram app, and updating the version of the app that you are using.

If it’s a licensing problem, then you can enquire further with Instagram or find an alternative piece of music to attach to your story.

TOP TIP: If you are having prolonged issues with Instagram music, then our number one tip is to simply create your own audio! Not only will this face no issues with licensing or copyright regulations, but it also makes your reels and stories more unique and personal to you!

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