Why is Instagram Repeating Stories?

Instagram may be one of the leading social media apps, accessed by millions of users every single day, but it…

Instagram may be one of the leading social media apps, accessed by millions of users every single day, but it still has bad days.

One of the more recent errors that users have been discussing is repeated stories. And while not exactly the worst issue in the world, the déjà vu that it inspires among users who like to view their friends and contacts stories is certainly quite annoying.

To cut a long story short, the repeating stories error sees a single story update bringing the user right back to the beginning of another user’s story – even if they’ve already viewed that footage before.

What this means is that if a user has posted 10 different stories and then uploads another one, anyone who has already viewed the first 10 will not simply see the new update but rather be taken right back to the beginning.

Yeah, pretty irritating. And it’s all down to a glitch in the system.

What Causes Glitches Like Repeated Stories?

Instagram’s regular updates are generally designed to upgrade and improve the user experience – but in the case of the repeated stories error, this actually resulted from a bad update.

It arrived on the app in the form of a bug which caused Instagram to forget where users had left off when viewing their friends’ stories. Annoyingly, this bug arrived with an app refresh, meaning that countless users downloaded the error directly into their app without realising.

How to Fix Repeated Stories

Some users have found success by deleting the reinstalling the app, while others have had to wait for Instagram to rollout a repair update which reverses the damage done by the earlier update.

You may have noticed already that virtually every update that Instagram and other apps roll out is linked to some sort of big improvement or fix – indicating that there are constantly little things going wrong within the Instagram sphere that we aren’t even aware of. It just so happens that repeated stories was an issue we all became very quickly attuned to, but who knows what else is going on behind the scenes!