Why Is My TikTok Account Locked?

If you’re trying to get into TikTok and suddenly find that your account is locked or you can’t get, there…

If you’re trying to get into TikTok and suddenly find that your account is locked or you can’t get, there could be a number of issues at play.

The most obvious cause behind your account being locked is that you have violated TikTok’s guidelines in some way. With TikTok moderators hot on the tails of any users who post inappropriate videos or comments, the platform is quick to lock any account that it suspects of harmful or unsafe behaviour.

But this isn’t the only reason why you might find yourself locked out of TikTok. In this article, we’re outlining some other reasons why your account may be locked.

You’ve Locked Yourself Out

Just like if you enter an incorrect password too many times on email or on another social media app, trying to log in with the incorrect password will leave you locked out of TikTok.

This may be simply because you’ve forgotten your password, or it could be something a little more problematic – for example, if your account has been hacked and the hacker has locked you out.

Either way, if you’ve locked yourself out or have been locked out due to an incorrect password, you may need to request a verification link to log in – or get in touch with the team behind the scenes at TikTok to unlock your account.

You’ve Violated Community Guidelines

As mentioned before, this is the most likely cause of a locked account – primarily because TikTok does not tolerate violations which include hate speech, harassment, and other issues affecting the experience of other users.

If your account is locked because of a violation, the chances are that the lock will be temporary. If your violation was serious and your account has been put on a long term ban, you will find more information on the support page.

There’s an Issue With TikTok

Finally, have you considered that there could be an issue behind the scenes at TikTok?

While rare, issues at TikTok can sometimes mean access to the app is blocked – or users are somehow unable to access certain features or areas of the platform.

If this is the case, you will be able to find out more via another social platform or can submit an error report direct to TikTok and receive more information directly.

We hope this helps. A locked account is never fun, and if you fear that you have been hacked in some way then it’s crucial that you increase security and add extra steps to the log in page to protect your identity and your account.