Why Is My TikTok Video Not Showing up on My Profile?

When you finalise a TikTok video and share it for your followers, you would usually hope to see the video…

When you finalise a TikTok video and share it for your followers, you would usually hope to see the video appear on your profile instantly.

Sometimes, however, there is a delay – with this article diving into some of the common reasons why you may not be able to see a TikTok video on your profile immediately.

Your Video Is Under Review

Perhaps the most common reason why a video doesn’t appear is because the TikTok video is under review. When this happens, your video needs to be approved by TikTok before it is posted to followers – with the most likely reason behind this review being a high following, a high level of engagement on your existing videos, or a problem with a previous video you’ve posted.

This issue may also arise if your content has been flagged for some reason, which is why it’s always so important to check that your videos don’t violate community guidelines before posting.

Your Account Is Shadowbanned

If you’ve previously been marked as engaging in spam activity such as posting too much or liking and following profiles and videos at an excessive rate, then your account may be shadowbanned for a period.

This means that your videos will not post for the duration of your ban – which can last anywhere from 24 hours up to a couple of days.

Your Connection Is Patchy

If your internet is not strong enough to complete a video upload, then you may find that it doesn’t appear on your profile immediately.

If this is the case, then you will need to wait until you have better connection or signal and try again.

How to Overcome Posting Issues

If you are experiencing challenges posting a video to TikTok, then the first port of call is to check your connection and the version of TikTok that you are using and ensure that there are no reports of issues at TikTok HQ.

If all of these potential obstacles seem to be in fine working order, then our next tip would be to take a step back for a day or two and try posting another day – in case your account has been shadowbanned for some reason. Otherwise, you can find out more about flagged and potentially problematic content under review, by getting in touch with TikTok moderators.

We hope this helps!