Why Reels Are Not Showing in My Instagram After Update

Instagram offers so many different forms of content sharing and engagement, that it’s easy to completely overlook something that stops…

Instagram offers so many different forms of content sharing and engagement, that it’s easy to completely overlook something that stops working.

Unless, that is, the thing that stops working is reels.

Instagram users love reels. They’re quick, fun, engaging, and are one of the best ways of creating content that goes viral. So, when they stop working and stop showing up in users’ feeds, that’s a problem.

Luckily, we’ve created this quick guide to help explain any underlying issues and, more importantly, to fix your app and bring the reels back!

1. Has The Reels Shortcut Moved?

This is more common than you might think – largely because Instagram is constantly updating its layout and the under interface.

If you expect to see reels in one place and suddenly find that they’re not there, you might assume you’ve lost access. But take the time to return to your homepage and look properly – chances are the shortcut has simply been moved.

2. Do You Need to Refresh Your Newsfeed?

Another common one – and a particular bugbear for users who share a reel of their own but find that it doesn’t immediately pop up on their newsfeed.

Rather than panicking, give your newsfeed a quick refresh by pulling down on and then releasing the screen. There’s a high chance that this will bring your new reel – and any other reels deemed relevant by Instagram – to the top and forefront of your feed.

3. Are You on Data Saving Mode?

Reels are great, but they’re not particularly useful for those who want to save data. So, if you put your device or the Instagram app onto data saving mode, you may find that reels are the first thing to go.

If this is the case, you will need to switch off data saving mode to unlock full access to reels again – switching out low storage and data use for an optimum Instagram experience!

4. Are You a Super New User?

This is an easy one to recognise and will almost certainly fix itself over time.

Brand new accounts tend to find that they see fewer suggestions in terms of content – at least until they have spent some time demonstrating to Instagram exactly what kind of content they are interested in seeing!

So, if you’re a new user and haven’t yet seen any suggested or recommended reels, give it time – and do a bit of searching and engaging to show the app what you want to see.

5. Update Your App!

This is like the “switch it off and on again” of the Instagram and social media world.

Deleting and reinstalling your app, or updating it via your app store, will often fix a multitude of issues. You’re welcome!

6. Can You Find Them Elsewhere?

If you’re used to finding reels through ones that you friends send you, but are seeing a distinct lack of content, then try accessing reels manually yourself.

The reels feed on your Instagram homepage is one of the best places to go to uncover new accounts and content styles that you could make the most of as a user.

Similarly, heading to stories is another way to quickly scroll through content in different styles, including suggested content.

Reels are great – you just need to make sure that you can find them! Hopefully this article has uncovered some things you may not have considered before, that can ensure you enjoy access to reels wherever and whenever you want.