Why TikTok Should Not Be Banned

TikTok has made headlines in recent months and years, with calls for the app to be banned both locally on…

TikTok has made headlines in recent months and years, with calls for the app to be banned both locally on a state and country-wide scale, and on a global scale.

Not only are there concerns about the security of the app, but the rise in fatalities as a result of increasingly dangerous challenges and viral videos has raised questions about the way the app exposes young users to harmful content.

But let’s be honest – all social media platforms have their challenges and issues.

So, what are the reasons that TikTok should not be banned but rather supported as it continues to grow?

TikTok Continues to Diversify

One of the best things about TikTok from a user perspective is the continued diversity at the heart of the platform. From the introduction of TikTok Stories to Live Streams, the ability to create and share long as well as short form content, and the rollout of new editing tools and features, TikTok’s continued diversification makes the platform the perfect base for creators from all walks of life.

Comprehensive Approach to Privacy and Security

It is impossible to argue with TikTok’s approach to privacy and the various security features that are added to keep users as safe as possible.

Age restrictions, the reporting process with TikTok moderator intervention, and the ease with which users can make their profile and content private, are just some of the reasons that TikTok is one of the best social media apps for safe browsing.

It’s Great for Business

There are an increasing number of businesses that are using TikTok to great success, unlocking the app’s benefits as a platform for business marketing, brand growth, visibility, engagement, and personality.

With business users able to balance trending content and viral videos with original marketing content and videos that introduce their team members and products, TikTok is a playful and incredibly versatile app for social growth.

It Facilitates Free Speech

TikTok may give platform to some controversial opinions and speakers, but it allows free speech for all users. And this, now more than ever, is a reason to support and keep it going.

With so many creators and influencers finding their audience and discovering their niche through TikTok, starting out on the platform before becoming prolific in other areas and on other platforms, the free speech aspect is one that helps to keep the platform appealing to all.

Should TikTok Be Banned?

While the reasons for banning TikTok are clear, it seems as if with the right onward approach to ownership, the app could well remain a staple social tool for businesses and creators alike.

The latest US vote demanded that TikTok be sold from its Chinese ownership, or else be banned across all app stores in the USA. This would help to alleviate the security threat and potential risk of the Chinese ownership, and ensure that personal data is safe in the app.

What are your thoughts on this – and are you team “ban TikTok” or “keep TikTok”?