Why Won’t Instagram Let Me Make a New Account?

One of the best things about Instagram is the ease with which you can make a new account – be…

One of the best things about Instagram is the ease with which you can make a new account – be it for business use, personal use, or to start an exciting new venture that you want to share and spread the word about on social media.

For all intents and purposes, making a new account should be easy – but sometimes, error messages appear and the whole thing seems impossible.

In this short blog, we’re answering the question of why Instagram isn’t letting you make a new account – sharing some of the most common issues that could be preventing your new account from blossoming into fruition.

1. Is The Username Available?

Before claiming that Instagram is stopping you from making a new account, it’s worth checking that the error isn’t simply being caused by the lack of an available username.

When you create a new account, you need to enter the username that you want the account to be listed under – and this needs to be completely unique. Finding the perfect username can be challenging for some users, requiring a combination of words and characters to create something that resembles what they originally wanted.

Until you iron this issue out, you won’t be able to proceed with the creation of your account – so check that the username is sorted before complaining that Instagram is broken!

2. Check Your Internet

Poor internet connection is often the culprit when it comes to things not working like they should, especially on smartphones and in busy locations where lots of people are accessing the same WiFi or local connection.

You need to connect to Instagram’s servers to create a new account, which requires a decent connection and internet speed. If it’s not working, try a different connection or simply try again later.

3. Have You Hit The Limit?

Believe it or not, Instagram does have a limit on the number of accounts that you can create under a single email address. If Instagram is blocking you from creating a new account, then you may need to delete an older account if you want to proceed under the same email address.

Alternatively, you may be able to create your new account with a new or different email address.

4. Update Your App

There’s nothing a little “switch it off and on again” won’t fix, right? Often, deleting and reinstalling the Instagram app is a good way to bypass issues and also benefit from any updates that your app may have missed.

An outdated app can be incredibly problematic, exposing you to countless problems and issues which slow you down. Overcome them by reinstalling or updating the version of Instagram that you use.

5. Instagram Could Just Be Down!

Twitter (now X) is full of Instagram users complaining about their app being down or not working properly – so much so that this has become a popular port of call anytime something goes wrong on Instagram.

If Instagram is down and not letting you create a new account, you simply need to ride it out and wait for the app to be back up and running.

We hope this helps – and if you’ve got some time to kill while waiting for the app to fix itself and let you create your new account, then why not spend the extra time thinking up a unique and creative new username!