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The likes that Twicsy delivers are real and authentic, coming from legitimate IG users with real accounts on the app.

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Why is Twicsy Giving Away Free Instagram Likes?

Because we want you to try our Instagram services, of course. There are more than two billion Instagram users, but only a fraction of them would be considered influencers — and you’re probably not one of them. Most people have only a handful of followers, perhaps a hundred at best. Sadly, that means that when they upload terrific videos or photos to their account, the content is only seen by their family and friends and only a few people hit the “like” button.

The likes that Twicsy delivers are real and authentic, coming from legitimate IG users with real accounts on the app. They make your posts appear more popular, so people who come across the posts are more likely to spend time watching your videos or checking out your photos. And that’s not the only benefit produced by adding Twicsy’s Instagram likes.

Visibility on the platform isn’t given out equally. Instagram’s algorithms determine which posts receive a large audience, and which ones are only going to be seen by a user’s core followers. When a video or photo receives lots of likes, views, and comments, that boosts a metric the system calls “engagement rate,” and high engagement rates are rewarded with greater exposure to random IG users.

Why Should You Try Twicsy’s Free Instagram Likes?

It can be discouraging to spend time and effort creating great Instagram content, only to see it languishing in your account with only a few views and likes. The 10 free likes that Twicsy delivers will make your video seem worth watching; after all, if that many people watched it and liked it, it must be good, right?

There’s actually a name for that: social proof. Marketers use social proof all the time; user testimonials, celebrity endorsements, and positive reviews are all used to convince people that a product or service is so good that many other people “just like you” are using it.

Why Should You Try Twicsy’s Free Instagram Likes?

Free IG Likes Boost

And you’ve probably decided whether to watch an Instagram video based on social proof. The number of likes and views a vid has received is usually a key factor in whether people decide to invest their own time watching it.

The free IG likes you’ll get from Twicsy will also boost your account’s engagement rate, and Instagram’s algorithms consider that to be an important measure of how valuable your videos and photos are.

Free IG Likes Boost

Expand Reach: Safe, Effective IG Likes

The algorithms will react by showing your posts to larger numbers of Insta users, all of whom will have their first opportunity to view and like them, and decide to follow your account. Naturally, 10 free Instagram likes from Twicsy won’t take one of your posts and send it viral. Turning a video into an Internet sensation requires much more engagement than that.

However, we’re hoping that you’ll see that our likes (and other interactions like followers and views) are easy to order, safe to use, and effective in making your account and content more popular on the platform — and that you’ll decide to try one of our larger packages of IG likes to supercharge your Instagram presence.

Expand Reach: Safe, Effective IG Likes

How to Get Free Instagram Likes from Twicsy

Creating great Instagram content is difficult. This is the easy part. Before getting started, though, make sure that your Instagram account is set to “public” and not “private.” We can’t deliver likes or other engagements to private IG accounts.

  • Заповніть інформацію

    Scroll to the top of this page and find the box that asks for the URL of your content.

  • Enter the URL

    Enter the URL of the post you want to receive your 10 free likes.

  • Get Free Likes

    Click on the link that says “Get Free Likes,” and you’ll see your photo or video on the left of the screen. Wait until it finishes loading, and you’re all set. Your free likes have been delivered to your post.

Troubleshooting Tips: Free IG Likes

If there’s a problem with the process, it could be that your account is still set to “private,” or that our Twicsy servers are so busy with other IG users requesting free likes that they’re temporarily overwhelmed. Just make sure your account is set to “public,” give it a few minutes, and try again.

What happens after your 10 free Instagram likes are delivered? You’ll see them appear on your post, and you should see greater organic engagement from other Insta users over the following few days.

Troubleshooting Tips: Free IG Likes

No Trouble:
Safe IG Likes

Here’s what won’t happen: you won’t get into any trouble. We mention that because some IG users don’t buy Instagram likes and other interactions, fearing they’re afraid their account will be put at risk. That never happens when you get your likes from Twicsy because we rigorously adhere to all of Instagram’s terms and conditions.

No Trouble: Safe IG Likes

Safe Likes: Legit Engagement

Every like you receive will come from a real Insta user using their own real account on the app. Those are legitimate likes, and Instagram will never penalize you in any way for buying them (or in this case, getting them for free).

The stories you may have heard about people being penalized or banned from the platform because they bought likes or followers are true — but that’s because they purchased engagements from one of the many scammy services that use bots to create “fake likes.” Those do violate Instagram’s rules and can trigger penalties for the accounts receiving them. Twicsy never uses bots or other dishonest methods of creating fake likes.

Safe Likes: Legit Engagement

Free IG Likes - Instant, Legit, Easy

One of the reasons Twicsy is giving away 10 free IG likes is to let you see that all of the interactions are legitimate likes from genuine Instagram users and that they’re completely safe to use.

We also hope you’ll notice that your likes arrive immediately after you order them and that the system is extremely easy to use, requiring only seconds of your time.

Free IG Likes - Instant, Legit, Easy

Get 10 Free Instagram Likes

So please accept our gift of 10 free Instagram likes, with no cost and no obligation whatsoever. We hope you’re impressed enough to give our paid services a try; you can purchase as few as 50 or as many as 10,000 likes, delivered to your posts within seconds. You can even split the likes between multiple posts and we’ll throw in free video views with every package.

Once you’ve become a regular customer, be ready to see your account’s popularity soaring along with your posts’ views and likes. The powerful organic growth created by Twicsy’s likes, followers, and other interactions has boosted many Instagram influencers to new levels of importance and allowed them to earn big money on the app. We can do the same for you!

Get 10 Free Instagram Likes

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we’re often asked about Twicsy’s likes and other Instagram engagements. If your question isn’t addressed here, please contact our 24/7 customer support team. They’d love to talk about our service with you.

  • Can I buy Instagram likes?

    Абсолютно! Підвищуйте взаємодію з вашим постом, купуючи лайки через наш сервіс. Ознайомтеся з нашими пакетами лайків для Instagram та підвищте видимість вашого контенту. Підніміть ваш досвід в Instagram з Twicsy!

  • Can I get more than 10 free Instagram likes?

    We’re sorry, but we have to limit this offer to 10 likes, which should be enough to let you judge our service without any cost or obligation. We hope you’ll be impressed enough to try our paid services, which are so inexpensive (they start at just $1.47) that they’re almost free!

  • Is there anything I have to do to get my free likes?

    Ні. Вам не потрібно заповнювати опитування, надавати нам вашу електронну адресу або навіть надавати номер кредитної картки. Просто переконайтеся, що ваш обліковий запис Instagram встановлено на режим «публічний» і надайте нам URL-адресу посту, на який ви хочете отримати 10 безкоштовних лайків. Ніяких витрат, ніяких зобов'язань.

  • How quickly will my likes arrive?

    Не моргайте, або пропустите це. Ваші лайки з'являться миттєво, і вони мають бути на ваших постах до того часу, як ви вийдете з сайту Twicsy і відкриєте додаток Instagram.

  • How are you able to deliver likes from real IG users?

    We’ve been doing this for well over a decade, and we’ve built enormous networks of Instagram users who are ready to like your posts as soon as you place your order. No other provider can compete with the size and quality of Twicsy’s IG user networks.

  • Is this really safe?

    <0>По суті, ми б не могли існувати так довго, якщо б ставили під загрозу облікові записи наших клієнтів в Instagram. Реальні лайки та інші взаємодії, які ми надаємо, повністю відповідають усім правилам платформи, і ваш обліковий запис абсолютно не знаходиться під загрозою.
  • And my account won’t be banned for receiving these likes?

    Абсолютно ні.
  • Why do I need Instagram likes?

    Well, you don’t need them if you’re satisfied with just your family and close IG friends seeing your posts. On the other hand, if you want to have your content seen widely across the app, likes and other engagements are the only way to dramatically increase your audience and popularity on Instagram.

  • Do a lot of people really buy IG likes?

    You’d be amazed. Well-known influencers, big businesses, and everyday Instagram users purchase likes and other interactions all the time. Influencers do it to build fan bases large enough to attract sponsors, businesses do it to create communities of customers and potential customers, and everyday users do it to grow the audience for the content they’ve created.

  • What should I do if my free likes don’t show up?

    Переконайтеся, що ваш обліковий запис встановлено на режим «публічний» і спробуйте знову; наші сервери іноді перевантажені запитами на безкоштовні лайки. Якщо у вас продовжуються проблеми, наша команда підтримки клієнтів доступна 24 години на добу, щоб допомогти.

  • Will the free likes make me more popular on Instagram?

    We have to be honest; 10 likes is a drop in the bucket. They should increase the audience that’s able to see your post, and you may pick up some followers as a result. The free likes, though, are really intended to let you see how quickly, seamlessly, and safely Twicsy can boost your account’s engagement rate — a huge key to increasing visibility and popularity on Instagram — and to encourage you to buy larger packages to supercharge your account’s organic growth.