100 Friday Instagram Caption Ideas to Celebrate the Weekend

Feeling those Friday vibes? You’re not alone! Research has shown that people are happier on Fridays. While Friday nights are…

Feeling those Friday vibes? You’re not alone! Research has shown that people are happier on Fridays. While Friday nights are especially popular, there’s also something special about the countdown to the weekend — knowing that freedom is just around the corner tends to have a magical effect on your mood.

It’s no wonder the selfies, chill vibes, and wild party photos start flowing naturally! The trouble? By the time you’re done taking pictures, you might be too excited for the rest of the weekend to spend too much time writing a great Friday Instagram caption.

That’s a shame because those captions really do make a huge impact on the amount of likes and comments your Instagram posts get.

The good news? Our massive list of Friday Instagram caption ideas has you covered. Pick out any element you like, or — if you want a short caption — just copy/paste the whole thing!

How to Write Great Friday Instagram Captions to Brighten Up Your Feed

Maybe you’re here because you can’t be bothered to come up with Friday captions for Instagram right now, and you just want a “plug and play” solution. In that case, go right ahead!

But if you’re here because you’re not quite sure how to write engaging captions for Fridays, you might enjoy some tips to help you craft your own. It’s easy! Just keep these “house rules” in mind!

  • Capture the right mood! You might feel exhausted, excited about a Friday night party, or about to settle in for a lazy weekend Netflix marathon. Either way, try to write captions that reflect your vibe — and the vibe you’ve got going on in your photos.
  • Spread those Friday vibes. Fridays are a universal time of excitement about the weekend. Nearly all your followers can relate to that mood, so lean into it!
  • Don’t be afraid to make your Friday Instagram captions funny. Nothing lightens the mood like the weekend, but you can never go wrong with an added dose of humor.
  • If you had a productive week, don’t hesitate to share your achievements or things you are especially happy about, either! (Nobody likes a Monday morning try-hard, but it’s OK to talk about a good week on Fridays.)
  • Invite your followers to share the exciting things they’re going to do this weekend. It’s a great way to spark conversations on your feed!

While you can definitely write longer Friday captions for Instagram if you feel like it, most Friday captions are short and snappy. After all, you’ve got a weekend to get back to — and so do your followers!

How to Write Great Friday Instagram Captions to Brighten Up Your Feed

Funny Friday Instagram Captions

1. It’s Friday! Anything is possible! (But I do have a date with my couch later.)

2. The force is strong with this one…

3. Weekends: No plans, no problems.

4. Friday is smile day.

5. Fry-day, you said? Hello, chicken!

6. Keep calm… and know the workweek is nearly over.

7. My body’s at work, but my mind is already partying!

8. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!

9. Party like it’s Friday. ‘Cause it is.

10. Sweet Friday. If only you could come every day.

Friday Instagram Captions for Selfies

11. Work hits different on Fridays.

12. Head full of Friday vibes.

13. Don’t worry, be happy. It’s Fri-YAY!

14. Me, daydreaming about the weekend ahead.

15. My Friday happy face.

16. Totally slaying it this Friday.

17. Friday says hi, and so do I.

18. Just can’t stop smiling today.

19. Friday, my superhero!

20. Weekend mode activated.

Friday Vibes Captions for Instagram

21. Life’s too short to let those Friday vibes pass you by.

22. It’s Friday! Hooray!

23. Bye bye, work! See you on Monday!

24. Friday, fun day.

25. Unleash

26. I love you, Friday! Why do I only see you once a week?

27. Who’s ready for Friday?

28. Weekend… now loading!

29. Speed up or slow down. What kind of weekend are you looking forward to?

30. That feeling when all your coworkers are in a great mood because they don’t have to see you again until Monday. The feeling’s mutual!

Feel-Good Friday Instagram Captions

31. Celebrating freedom and fun this weekend!

32. Put your feet up and chill. You deserve it!

33. Can’t wait for the weekend!

34. Let’s get this party started!

35. No stress. Just weekend vibes.

36. Am I ready for the weekend? I was born ready!

37. Friday is my favorite F word!

38. All I need is… a good weekend and a great crew.

39. Bye bye, daily grind! Hello, happy mind!

40. It’s Friday. I’ll drink to that! Cheers!

Feel-Good Friday Instagram Captions

TGIF Instagram Captions

41. Bye, suckers. I’m outta here!

42. Friday is my favorite F word, and I won’t break the other one out until it’s Monday again.

43. The best thing about my coworkers? I won’t have to see them all weekend!

44. Finally! Where do I claim my “I survived the workweek” sticker?

45. Team building: Everyone here is happy it’s Friday!

46. Can’t wait to… put on my yoga pants and watch Netflix!

47. Friday is the highlight of my week.

48. Fabulous Friday!

49. Grateful the week’s over.

50. Chill, it’s Friday!

Friday Night Instagram Captions

51. Good times and friends.

52. Friday squad goals.

53. But on Friday nights, we party.

54. Friday nights are for making memories (if you can remember them later).

55. Time to snuggle up with some chips and Netflix.

56. Friday night is alive with excitement.

57. My favorite color is Friday.

58. Friday is my spirit animal.

59. Friday night drinks with my squad? Yes please!

60. Can’t wait to see what surprises Friday night will bring!

Great Quotes for Friday Instagram Captions

61. “I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too. Thursday I don’t care about you. It’s Friday I’m in love.” — The Cure

62. “Friday afternoon feels like heaven…” — El Fuego

63. “Friday sees more smiles than any other day of the workweek!” — Kate Summers

64. “Friday is like a superhero that always arrives just in time to stop me from savagely beating one of my coworkers with a keyboard.” — Rico

65. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” — Nelson Mandela

66. “Mondays are a good day to make statements, not Friday.” — Ernie Els

67. “Friday the 13th is still better than Monday the whatever.”

68. “Music always sounds better on Friday.” — Lou Brutus

69. “It’s finally Friday, I’m free again. I got my motor running for a wild weekend.” — George Jones

70. “Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.” — John Shirley

Short Friday Captions for Instagram

71. A taste of freedom!

72. Friday vibes only.

73. Work hard, weekend hard.

74. That sweet Friday feeling.

75. Hello, weekend!

76. Let’s get this party started!

77. Life is good, especially on Fridays.

78. I’ve been waiting for this day all week.

79. Smile! It’s Friday!

80. Peace out!

Short Friday Captions for Instagram

One Word Friday Instagram Captions

81. Enjoy!

82. TGIF.

83. Attitude.

84. Yes.

85. Absolutely.

86. Cheers!

87. Vibes.

88. Ready!

89. Slay.

90. Fri-yay!

Creative Writing Prompts for Awesome and Unique Friday Instagram Captions

We’re sure you’ll find at least one Friday caption for Instagram that’s perfect for your vibe on this list, but there’s no doubt about it. Sometimes, you need your Instagram caption to welcome the weekend to be totally unique. It’s awkward if you don’t have any inspiration in that case!

This list of creative writing prompts for Friday Instagram captions will get you started. Here’s how it works. We’ll start the sentence off, and you can complete it in any way you like! Make sure your photo matches the vibe of the caption, and you’re good to go!

91. Having a great Friday! But what would make it even better is…

92. If I had to describe my Friday mood in one word, it would be…

93. My best Friday night ever would be…

94. A Friday night well spent is one where you…

95. This Friday is extra special, because…

96. I get ready for the weekend by…

97. Lazy or adventurous? This Friday, I’m feeling…

99. You know it’s Friday when your coworkers…

100. Now playing: My Friday playlist. The one song I could listen to on loop forever is…

FAQ About Friday Captions for Instagram

Why are Friday Instagram captions so popular?

That’s easy! Nearly everyone’s excited about the weekend on Fridays, and when we’re excited, we take to Instagram to shout that from the rooftops! Plus, Friday captions for Instagram can be a virtual way to prepare for the night while you’re still at work.

Just remember that not everyone gets the weekend off — and if you’re feeling especially charitable, give a shout-out to friends working in retail or hospitality or doing shift work.

How do I make my Friday Instagram captions more creative?

Making your Friday captions for Instagram more creative and unique is quite tricky, and here’s why. Whatever you’re feeling, millions of other Instagram users share your vibe — and are posting about it at the same time.

You could just lean into that, because some Friday captions are so cheesy they’re cool again (think “Fri-yay” or “TGIF”). You can always make your getting ready for the weekend captions more unique by talking about your plans and what you’re doing, as opposed to focusing on the feeling Friday gives you.

What are some great hashtags to add to my Friday captions for Instagram?

There’s no shortage of cool hashtags to include in all your Friday Instagram captions. The right hashtags serve a dual purpose. They can add flair to your captions and make your posts easier to discover.

Our favorite Friday hashtags for Instagram include #tgif, #friyay, #fridayfeeling, #weekendvibes, #helloweekend, #fridaymood, and #fridayfun.