100 PoV Captions for Instagram to Spice Up Your Feed

Taking snapshots for Instagram is great fun, but writing captions? That can be a bit trickier! If you practically live…

Taking snapshots for Instagram is great fun, but writing captions? That can be a bit trickier! If you practically live on Insta, you’re bound to run out of cool, interesting, and unique things to say eventually — because that’s what you get for posting multiple times a day!

When that happens, you run the risk of being repetitive and sharing variations of the same tired captions over and over again. Don’t worry, though! All hope isn’t lost! Just hop on the PoV trend to explore a whole other side of caption writing and have a ton of fun in the process!

Not sure how it’s done? The good thing is that there really aren’t any hard and fast rules. You can experiment with different points of view to your heart’s content, and your captions instantly become a whole lot more exciting.

This guide is dedicated to the art of writing PoV captions for Instagram. Not only can you scroll down and take any of our caption ideas that resonate with you, but we’ve also got some writing tips and creative writing prompts in store for you.

We hope you have as much fun exploring our PoV captions as we had writing them!

How to Write Great PoV Captions for Instagram

So, you’ve seen other Instagram users hop on the PoV trend? You think it’s super cool, and you’d like to give it a try for yourself, but you haven’t got a clue how to get started? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Let’s take a look at the process of writing compelling point of view captions, but first, we should define what they are.

PoV captions are, as the name suggests, written from a unique point of view. As the writer, you get to pick what it is — and it’s your job to make sure the photo matches the vibe very well.

You could, for example, write from the point of view of someone who’s going on adventures with you. In that case, you’ll need someone to take pictures of you as if they’re looking right at you. You could also immerse your followers in your inner world or write from the perspective of a pet, an object (like a baseball or pizza slice), or the angel watching over your shoulders.

These captions can be dramatic, funny, quirky, philosophical, or cute. It’s all up to you!

Ready to get writing? Here’s how to do it:

  • Pick a scenario. First off, you’ll have to decide whose point of view to write your captions from.
  • You can start your point of view captions with “PoV:…” but that’s optional. Other formats that make it very clear that you’re writing a PoV caption include “the world through my eyes,” “welcome to my world,” and even “my dark side.”
  • When taking PoV pictures, aim for an angle that makes your caption come to life.
  • Describe the scene in a catchy or funny way and really try to get “inside” the PoV you’re going for.
  • If you want to spark conversations, consider ending your PoV Instagram captions with provoking questions.

That’s it! PoV captions for Instagram are a lot of fun to write, and they can absolutely boost your engagement rate. Still lost? Our massive list of captions will give you a bird’s eye view of the kinds of directions you can take these captions in, and they’re bound to help you brainstorm even more caption ideas!

Your PoV Instagram Captions

  1. Welcome to my world, where order meets chaos, and everything turns to stardust.
  2. Just a guy bouncing a ball. ‘Cause the best things in life are simple.
  3. PoV: Burning with passion, just knowing I’m gonna break records.
  4. Just smiling, because life is too short to stay angry.
  5. Take my hand and explore the world with me.
  6. Your cat is living like a Queen, and her happiness is contagious.
  7. Just whippin’ up something simple for lunch. Come join me.
  8. The Starbucks queue is this long, and I’m already late.
  9. On the outside, I look like I’m glowing. On the inside, I feel like a nervous wreck. And I need to pee.
  10. First date thoughts: Does she like me? Do I have something stuck between my teeth?

The Reader’s PoV Captions for Instagram

  1. PoV: You’re scrolling down your Insta feed ‘cause you have nothing better to do. Then you see me, a masterpiece in progress.
  2. You’re running to catch a train, already knowing you won’t make it. What are you going to do next?
  3. We’re watching a movie together, and I’m asking you to pass the popcorn. Ready to share?
  4. We’re playing video games at 3 am, and you won’t stop until you beat me.
  5. You know I’m just pretending to have my life together, but you don’t say.
  6. PoV: You + Me = Having the time of our lives.
  7. PoV: We’re hunting for treasures in abandoned buildings, but it’s too dark to see anything.
  8. PoV: You’re cooking me a homemade meal, and you’re hoping I’ll like it.
  9. Your lens is dirty, but you don’t care, hoping to capture our special moment together anyway.
  10. We’re about to go skydiving together. Are you ready to plunge into the unknown?

Your Pet’s PoV Instagram Captions

  1. My stomach is rumbling, human. Give me treats.
  2. PoV: If I nibble at my human’s Monsterra, she’ll have to give in and give me that special meat.
  3. Just a feline, plotting to take over the world one cardboard box at a time.
  4. You are mine, bird! Don’t you dare fly away.
  5. My fish: Blublublublub. Also, how do those creatures keep being alive even though they’re not permanently submerged in water?
  6. My snake: Ssssure, human. I’ll have sssssome ssssnackssssss.
  7. PoV: Why didn’t you call me a good boy? But I’m a good boy, though. Right? Right? Right?
  8. Wagging my tail at a significant fraction of the speed of light, because life is good.
  9. Parrot PoV: OK, Siri, tell me about birrds, tell me about birrds.
  10. My hamster’s PoV: Life’s just a giant wheel, and you can never get off.

Get Ready with Me PoV Instagram Captions

  1. That feeling when you spill coffee over your carefully chosen outfit. What should I wear now?
  2. First, croissants. Then, the world.
  3. So many outfits, so little to wear. Help!
  4. PoV: Someone grab me a lint roller. Life with cats is hard.
  5. These shoes or those?
  6. PoV: This skincare routine is really making me glow, wouldn’t you agree?
  7. Getting my hair ready for an exciting first date. Up or down?
  8. I’m the architect of my lipstick color, and I don’t care if it clashes with my outfit.
  9. Morning bedroom thoughts: Is this outfit too much?
  10. PoV: You’re picking out the perfect shade of black, because you know black will always be the new black.

Houseplant PoV Captions for Instagram

  1. PoV: Desperately crying out for water, but nobody is listening to me!
  2. PoV: Getting too much sunlight, please help!
  3. PoV: I’m not your snack, furry thing, and definitely not the whole damn meal.
  4. Humans are crazy. All that moving around. Don’t they know they won’t take root if they do that?
  5. Look at me, bringing joy to everyone who passes by and making the world a more colorful place.
  6. Chasing sun rays and waiting for a nice cool drink.
  7. PoV: Finally rescued from that torturing human who forgot to water me.
  8. Living life in full bloom!
  9. I know you read that plants like music, but for the love of all that’s beautiful, stop screeching!
  10. PoV: I just got repotted, and I’m thriving in my new home!

Objects’ PoV Instagram Captions

  1. Read me! I’m worth it, I promise!
  2. Backpack PoV: My arms are wide open, and you can take me wherever you want.
  3. My phone: Can’t you see I’m screaming out for energy? Charge me! Get off Instagram and charge me!
  4. My IKEA project: Put me together! You know there’s an instruction manual, right? Are you illiterate or something?
  5. PoV: I’m the warm side of your pillow.
  6. My alarm clock: Why even bother? You’re just gonna hit snooze.
  7. You’re not just going to walk away without me, are you? I’m the cutest cupcake around!
  8. PoV: You’re the like button, and you’re screaming out to be tickled!
  9. PoV: You’re a grain of sand on the beach, listening to the calming waves and watching eternity pass by.
  10. You’re a pizza box traveling through the whole subway, your wildest adventure ever!

Funny PoV Instagram Captions

  1. I don’t believe in traveling light. My back hurts.
  2. Just go with the flow and see where the tide takes you.
  3. PoV: Shuffling to the kitchen like a zombie at 6 am. There can be no life before coffee.
  4. PoV: You can’t come up with a clever Instagram caption, so you just jump on the PoV trend.
  5. Not all that interested, but I’ll pretend. What were you saying again?
  6. You’re a washing machine, silently plotting your next move as you hungrily await the next socks. You have morals, though. You can’t wipe out an entire species, so you always leave one behind.
  7. PoV: You’re about to buy the last box of cat litter, but some guy in a tracksuit beats you to it.
  8. PoV: You’re stopwatch, and you know you’re about to run out of time.
  9. PoV: You’re a white car tired of people using you to create dust art.
  10. PoV: I’m the monster hiding under your bed.

Cute PoV Instagram Captions

  1. Should we catch a movie tonight, just you and me?
  2. We’re hiking together, and we have no clue where we are. Will you keep me warm tonight?
  3. Want a bite? It’s pretty good!
  4. I’ll do the shopping. You can hold my bags.
  5. All I need? You, my phone, and my passport.
  6. PoV: You know you’ll grow up to be a beautiful swan one day.
  7. I’ll take you to my favorite spot in the woods, right by the pond, but only if you won’t tell.
  8. PoV: You’re sitting under a tree, reading a book until the sun goes down.
  9. PoV: You’re the fire in my eyes.
  10. PoV: You’re a pair of shoes, wondering why people never consider your side of things when they talk about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Random PoV Captions for Instagram

  1. You’re the sun above the clouds, shining brightly.
  2. You’re the one who took this picture.
  3. Life through my eyes, but I need glasses.
  4. PoV: You’re a fly watching me, hoping I don’t catch you.
  5. PoV: You’re trying to mind your own business, but you just can’t.
  6. PoV: You’re the avocado on my toast and I’m just about to sink my teeth into you.
  7. Dog’s PoV: She’s mine and you can’t hang out with her.
  8. PoV: You’re a yoyo, and they keep spinning you right round, baby, right round.
  9. PoV: You’re the salt someone put in the sugar container on April Fools’ Day.
  10. PoV: You’re the shell the hermit crab left behind in search of a bigger room.

Short PoV Instagram Captions

  1. Date night. Just you and me.
  2. You’re the dad joke he keeps telling but nobody ever laughs at.
  3. You’re the butterflies in my stomach.
  4. PoV: You’re the salt on my fries.
  5. PoV: You’re at the top of the Empire State Building.
  6. That feeling when you’re a little fish trying to find your place in a big pond.
  7. PoV: You’re the teddy bear on my shelf.
  8. You’re a window and people see right through you.
  9. PoV: You’re the wind in my hair.
  10. PoV: You’re the cherry on the cake.

FAQ About PoV Captions for Instagram

How long should my PoV Instagram captions be?

The point of view caption trend lends itself well to very short captions of 140 characters or less or one-liners of around 220 characters. Make them too long, and your followers might lose interest. Of course, there are some exceptions, but on the whole, you want to keep these captions as short as possible.

Should I include emojis in my PoV captions for Instagram?

Not all PoV captions need emojis to work well, but the right emoji can really add personality to your caption. We especially like 👀 and 🕵️‍♂️, which can give the idea that you’re writing a PoV caption away without needing to include “PoV” before your caption. Apart from those, the emojis you include should, as always, be highly relevant to your photos.

Can you suggest some good hashtags for PoV Instagram captions?

Hashtags that show your followers that you’re hopping on the PoV trend include #pov, #pointofview, #inmyshoes, #frommyperspective, #viewfromhere, #lifeas, and #seethroughmylens.

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