110 Horse Instagram Captions to Get Your Followers Excited

Horses are some of the most photogenic animals on the planet! Whether you’re out for a relaxing ride on a…

Horses are some of the most photogenic animals on the planet! Whether you’re out for a relaxing ride on a Sunday afternoon, getting ready for an exciting competition, or just grooming your horse, there’s no question that your camera roll is exploding with stunning photos just begging to be shared on Instagram.

Not sure how to caption those amazing pics? Although horses speak louder than words, and you won’t have any trouble reeling in lots of likes and comments no matter what you say in your horse Instagram captions, captions are more powerful than you might think.

Your Instagram captions are basically the virtual equivalent of a beautiful frame, with the extra bonus of adding context and personality to all your posts. Scroll down to find the right caption for your next horse post, and enjoy the attention you get!

How to Write Epic Horseback Riding Instagram Captions

Did you know that Instagram posts with eloquent, hard-hitting captions get up to 66 percent more engagement than those without captions? It’s true! Your horse deserves to be admired on Instagram, and here are some tips to get you started with captions that hit the nail on the head:

  • Avoid the temptation of simply describing your photo. After all, your Insta followers have their eyes on it, too. Instead, delve into the emotions of horseback riding and spending quality time with your horse to add depth to your captions. If you can capture the feeling of the bond you have with your horse, you’re onto a winner!
  • When in doubt, inject a royal dose of humor into your posts. Funny horse captions Instagram might use observational humor to describe the riding life, deploy silly puns, tell jokes, or share hilarious stories.
  • Still stuck? Beautiful and meaningful quotes always make for amazing horse riding Instagram captions, and you have an almost endless supply to choose from. Whether it’s a famous rider or a poet, lots of people have made astute observations about the unbreakable bond between people and horses.

Above all, have fun writing your horse captions for Instagram, and keep your message authentic. Your followers love getting a glimpse of the riding life, and the likes and comments will never be far behind.

Still need inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Scroll down and see if you can find your next caption on the list — and then post that photo, because your horse deserves some virtual admiration!

Horse Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. Why walk when you can ride?
  2. Saddle up and enjoy the ride.
  3. My horse is my best friend.
  4. It’s simple, really. I’m just a girl who loves horses.
  5. Horses don’t ask questions. Horses understand.
  6. Ride and smile, my friends.
  7. Miles of smiles.
  8. Neigh! My horse says hi.
  9. Wind in my hair, freedom in my heart.
  10. Always take the scenic route, but be sure to do it on horseback.

Funny Horse Captions Instagram

  1. Horse riding is my mane hobby.
  2. Taking the concept of “ride or die” to a whole new level.
  3. Hold your horses!
  4. A horse is a horse, of course, of course.
  5. Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of this gallop.
  6. I’ve been yelling so much, I feel a little horse.
  7. I endorse this horse. 10/10 stars, would recommend.
  8. Riding to the sound of my …. — .-. … .’s heart beat. Yes, that’s “horse” in Morse code.
  9. Sorry, my horse and I already have other plans.
  10. Horseback riding is cheaper than therapy, and a lot more fun, too.

Cute Horse Riding Instagram Captions

  1. This is not just my horse. This is my best friend and my ticket to freedom.
  2. Chasing dreams on horseback and riding into the sunset.
  3. I feel complete when I hear a hoof beat.
  4. Always look on the horse side of life.
  5. Got 99 problems, but they all magically disappear on horseback.
  6. I followed my heart, and it led me to the stables.
  7. I live for long rides and wild adventures.
  8. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the sound of a horse’s beautiful soul.
  9. It’s a horse thing. You wouldn’t understand.
  10. Wild heart, brave soul, beautiful mane.

Inspirational Horse Captions for Instagram

  1. Every day is a dream come true when you have a horse and a saddle.
  2. Saddle up and enjoy the ride!
  3. Move over, dog! A horse is a man’s real best friend.
  4. Enjoying nature with my horse. Life can be wonderful!
  5. Radiate positive vibes on horseback.
  6. Leave only hoof prints. Take only memories. Wanderlust, horseback edition.
  7. Horses are always there for you, no matter where life takes you.
  8. When life gives you a horse, saddle up and Yeehaw!
  9. Horse riding isn’t just a hobby or a sport. It’s a whole lifestyle, and I’m loving every moment.
  10. Always up for new adventures with my trusty steed.

Feeding My Horse Captions for Instagram

  1. Where grace meets beauty… and hunger.
  2. There’s nothing like spoiling your horse with some tasty treats!
  3. Horses are just like people. The way to reach their heart is through their stomach.
  4. Snack break, horseback riding edition.
  5. You know you’ve chosen the right treat when your horse’s ears point left and right!
  6. Just spending some quality time with my horse.
  7. An apple a day keeps the horse happy.
  8. Just a relaxing moment with my pony.
  9. Horse treats are the fastest way to have a great day.
  10. Because a food mood is a good mood.

Grooming My Horse Captions for Instagram

  1. Grooming my horse is my favorite type of meditation.
  2. I’m not down to Earth on my horse, but grooming her keeps me stable.
  3. And you thought it took a long time to do my hair?
  4. This King is looking sharp!
  5. See, we even bond over getting our hair done!
  6. Just a relaxing moment at the stables today.
  7. Spa day, pony edition.
  8. Only royal treatment is good enough for my horse!
  9. No, thanks, I’d rather be grooming my horse.
  10. Taking my horse to the farrier for a nice pedicure.

Horse Instagram Captions About Shows

  1. I live for the thrill of the ride and the adrenaline of the competition.
  2. All I need is my horse, a saddle, and a dream.
  3. We’re in it to win it and we look sharp, too!
  4. Riding my horse to victory with a big smile on my face.
  5. Follow your heart, you say? Sure, straight to victory!
  6. Breaking records and winning medals. We’re the dream team.
  7. The arena is where legends are born.
  8. Chasing dreams and winning races.
  9. Tiny horse, big ambitions.
  10. Ride with pride and passion.

Relaxed Horseback Riding Instagram Captions

  1. With flowing manes and wings of speed.
  2. Just me and my horse. There’s nothing else.
  3. Galloping along these twisting paths, having the time of our lives.
  4. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, the birds are chirping, and my horse and I are riding. What a great day!
  5. Reins in my hand, wind my in hair.
  6. Finding my peace to the rhythm of my horse’s hooves.
  7. Find me where beauty meets freedom and speed.
  8. Why the long face? We’re going riding!
  9. Work hard, ride harder.
  10. Exploring the world on horseback. Because life is too short to stay indoors.

Beautiful Quotes for Horse Instagram Captions

  1. “‘I don’t like people,’ said Velvet. ‘… I only like horses.’” — Enid Bagnold
  2. “The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and freedom.” — Sharon Ralls Lemon
  3. “There are many wonderful places in the world, but one of my favorite places is on the back of my horse.” — Rolf Kopfle
  4. “There is much we can learn from a friend who happens to be a horse.” — Aleksandra Layland
  5. “A pony is a childhood dream. A horse is an adulthood treasure.” — Rebecca Carroll
  6. “I learned from my horse that strength is complemented by nobility and loyalty.” — Gabriel Oliverio
  7. “When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk: he trots the air; the earth sings when he touches it; the basest horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes.” — William Shakespeare
  8. “A true horseman does not look at a horse with his eyes, he looks at his horse with his heart.” — Allan J Hamilton
  9. “There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse.” — Robert Smith Surtees
  10. “The horse, with beauty unsurpassed, strength immeasurable and grace unlike any other, still remains humble enough to carry a man upon his back.” — Amber Senti

Short Horse Riding Instagram Captions

  1. Keep calm and ride.
  2. Live, laugh, love, ride.
  3. Meanwhile, at the stables…
  4. Horseriding? I’m always in!
  5. My horse’s soft nose is my happy place.
  6. Cowgirl and proud.
  7. Saddle up, we’re going for a ride!
  8. Ride all day, dream about riding all night.
  9. I’m crazy about horses. What’s your superpower?
  10. Stay wild, ride hard.

Creative Writing Prompts for Horse Instagram Captions

Would you prefer to write your own horse Instagram captions, but are you not sure how to get started? We’ll give you a nudge in the right direction so you can get started with your brainstorming session!

Just pick a sentence that resonates with you, look at the picture you want to post and finish your story in a way that fits the vibe of the moment. You’ll have an amazing Instagram caption before you know it!

  1. Riding into the sunset with my horse, because…
  2. My horseback riding adventure in three words: …
  3. With a horse by my side, I can…
  4. Horses teach us to…
  5. Listen out for the hoof beats and…
  6. In the saddle, I feel…
  7. Meet me at the stable and get ready for…
  8. This ain’t my first rodeo, and I…
  9. Just saddle up and…
  10. Just me and my horse, because…

FAQ About Horse Captions for Instagram

How long should my horse riding Instagram captions be?

While the ideal caption length depends on your mood and the patience of your followers, shorter Instagram captions usually make more of an impact than extremely long ones — because nobody wants to be confronted by a wall of text! Try to keep your captions to no more than 220 characters, unless your photo is really special!

How should I use this list of horseback riding Instagram captions?

You can use the horse Instagram captions you find here in any way you like. If you’re just looking for a quick caption, go ahead and add one of ours straight to your feed if you like. If you’re looking for inspiration to write your own, just reading some caption ideas can be a big help in that department!

Can you recommend some good emojis for my horse captions for Instagram?

Of course! Besides the obvious (🐴, 🏇, and 🐎), you could also try adding ❤️, 🏆, 🌾, 🥕, 🍏, 🌟, and 🌄. Emojis can add depth and character to your horse captions for Instagram, but try to limit yourself to three per caption so it doesn’t look tacky.

What are some popular hashtags to include in my horse captions for Instagram?

You have a lot of amazing hashtags to choose from if you’re posting pictures of horses. Some of the best ones include #horse, #pony, #horsesofinstagram, #horselover, #stablelife, #horsepower, #horseobsessed, #horseworld, #riderlife, #ridinggoals, #equine, and #horsegirl.

You could also create your own unique hashtags, though!