110 Instagram Captions for Boys You Can Post Right Now

You might not always notice it, but guys make up just over 51 percent of all Instagram users — and…

You might not always notice it, but guys make up just over 51 percent of all Instagram users — and although everyone’s unique, boys and men tend to have very different posting habits compared to girls and women.

While girls love to share their emotional moments, often with long, sentimental Instagram captions that highlight their friendships and relationships, guys tend to share their achievements, hobbies, and the cool activities they took part in on the Gram.

The kinds of photos guys post aren’t the only thing that’s different about their posting habits, though — Instagram captions for boys are also often much shorter and a whole lot more sarcastic.

Guess what’s still the same? Captions play a huge role in driving engagement on your posts! Picking the best captions for Instagram for boys increases your odds of reeling in the likes and comments you crave.

Also the same? Many guys on Instagram run out of ideas and have no idea how to creatively caption their posts. You’re in luck, though, because we’ve got a cure for that — a long list of boys captions for Instagram you can just copy/paste if you feel like it!

Short Instagram Captions for Guys

Use the short captions for Instagram for boys any time less is clearly more, and you don’t want a long, rambling caption to distract from the epic adventures and cool friend moments you’re sharing!

1. Take risks.

2. Be bold.

4. Work hard, but never forget to play hard, too.

5. Stay wild.

6. Game on.

7. Why not?

8. Fear less.

9. Do it anyway.

10. Stay humble, my friends.

Short Instagram Captions for Guys

Funny Male Instagram Captions

Looking for good captions for Instagram for guys? When in doubt, just add humor. Many funny Instagram post captions for boys have a slightly sarcastic take — but they usually share a home truth followers can learn from.

11.  Never reveal your true self until it’s too late for your friends to back out.

12. If I’m late, it’s ‘cause good things take time.

13. Who’s a good boy?

14. Special delivery!

15. Yeah, I’m a jock. I’d win… a food contest.

16. Sleep is for the weak. OK, I’m weak. See ya!

17. I’ll be your meme for the day.

18. If only my life was as perfect as my Instagram account.

19. I’m always here when I need me.

20. Looks aren’t everything, but here’s something to stare at.

Motivational Boy Instagram Captions

Do you want to share your best moments without coming across like a jerk? Or are you that gold star boy who genuinely wants to uplift his friends with a cool message they won’t be able to get out of their heads all day long? Try these inspirational and motivational Instagram captions for men and boys!

21. Work harder. Achieve more.

22. If your goals don’t scare the hell out of you, think bigger.

23. Love what you do. If you don’t, develop a burning desire for the money you’re making.

24. Nuke the fear. Make peace with yourself.

25. Shoot for the stars, and it’ll be OK if you only reach the moon.

26. If you don’t know what else to do, at least get in shape. Your future self will thank you.

27. When you ask others for advice, just remember — nobody else is you.

28. Surround yourself with good food, better friends, and big dreams.

29. Drop the excuses and take action.

30. Serve your future self.

Happy Captions for Instagram Boys

Feeling all the good vibes? The art of writing happy captions for boys Instagram followers won’t cringe at involves getting straight to the point. How about these?

31. Happy thoughts, happy days.

32. Be so happy it drives everyone crazy.

33. Live more, fear less.

34. Life’s better with a cheeky grin.

35. You think I’m crazy? Nah, just having fun.

36. Be your own reason to smile.

37. Light those fires!

38. Happiness isn’t a dream to chase but a place to go.

39. It’s all in the attitude, and I choose fun.

40. My state of mind? 98% happy, 2% trouble.

Classy Instagram Caption Ideas for Guys

Classy Instagram Caption Ideas for Guys

The essential ingredients of a great caption for Instagram post for boys with style? Simplicity and elegance, with a tiny touch of self-admiration — because you know you’re rocking that look. Here are some of our favorite classy Instagram captions for guys!

41. Classy with a side of attitude.

42. Less is more.

43. Suit up.

44. Stylishly hilarious.

45. Stylish on the outside, wacky on the inside.

46. A classic’s always trendy.

47. Classy, not flashy.

48. Dress for success.

49. Keep calm and be stylish.

50. Style: When your outfit speaks louder than you.

Good Instagram Captions for Boys with Attitude

Want to show off your attitude with cool captions for Instagram for boys? Keep it chill with a side of  cheeky! We love these punchy captions, but use them at your own risk!

51. Don’t dream about success. Work for it.

52. Must be nice, you say? Yeah, it is, but I deserve it.

53. Good vibes come to those who love life.

54. The usual suspects.

55. I’m not great at offering life advice, but I tell a mean joke.

56. Skip straight to the best part.

57. Born to be wild.

58. Don’t stop until you’re proud of yourself.

59. I’d apologize, but I don’t like lying.

60. I’ve got my own seal of approval, but thanks anyway.

Hot Instagram Captions for the Boys

Wondering how to write hot Instagram caption for boys that are confident but not cocky? Don’t take yourself too seriously — and hold onto that classy attitude! Emojis can make all the difference between hot and funny and hot and cringe, so choose them with care!

61. Don’t mind me. Just flexing.

62. Handle with care.

63. Just me.

64. You’re welcome.

65. Feast your eyes.

66. Not too shabby.

67. Damn, I’m fit.

68. Hello, handsome.

69. Your new addiction.

70. Always in the mood for you.

Hot Instagram Captions for the Boys

Cool Captions for Instagram for Guys with Friends

Show your gang some of that appreciation with the best Instagram captions for boys posting cool pics with friends. As you come up with the perfect caption, aim for a vibe that shows how tight you all are — and add a touch of trouble.

71. Friends don’t let friends find trouble alone.

72. Here comes trouble!

73. Squad goals in progress.

74. Band of brothers.

75. Surround yourself with friends who make you laugh.

76. Spotted in the wild: An OG crew.

77. Friends who flex together stay together.

78. “A real friend is one who walks in when everyone else walks out.”

79. With friends like these, who needs an excuse to party?

80. Friends at first sight.

Athletic Captions for Instagram for Boys

Cool Instagram captions for boys who work out acknowledge the sweat, blood, and tears you put in to achieve your goals. Whether you don’t mind flexing shamelessly or you’re looking for athletic captions that keep things classy, see if you can find one perfect for your next gym-related Instagram post here!

81. No excuses.

82. Pain is gain.

83. My self-care routine.

84. It ain’t gonna lift itself.

85. Getting hotter by the rep.

86. Aim for progress, and perfection might show its face.

87. Do it for you.

88. The best kind of therapy.

89. Hustle for that muscle.

90. If you can still talk, you’re not doing it right.

Savage Boys Instagram Captions

Savage Instagram captions boys post on Instagram have a fearless, bold, and slightly rude attitude. They’re all about showing your confidence and speaking your mind — often with a roasty twist. Whether you want to fake it till you make it or you’ve run out of ideas, try these savage captions for your next post.

91. Stress? Nah, chill.

92. The sky ain’t the limit. It’s just a launchpad.

93. “Nice” won’t get me to where I’m going.

94. Setting the bar high so you have something to aspire to. No problem.

95. Mastering the art of success, one pizza slice at a time.

96. These shoulders will carry the team.

97. Keep grinding and watch me soar past.

98. All hustle, all heart.

99. An art all my own.

100. Passion fuels all my moves. No room for half-hearted attempts here.

Short Instagram Captions for Boys Posting Selfies

Short Instagram Captions for Boys Posting Selfies

Looking good? Broadcast it to the world — with these cool and funny but short Instagram captions for selfies!

101. My own fiercest competition.

102. Does my smile look big in this?

103. Judge me when you’re perfect.

104. Make waves, take selfies.

105. Born to stand out.

106. Play it cool.

107. Best eyebrows ever.

108. Looking in the mirror: The best exercise for the eyes.

109. Level up.

110. Gave it my best shot!

How to Use This List of Instagram Captions for Boys

You’ll find captions for Instagram post for boys suitable for (nearly!) every occasion on this list — and although you’re welcome to copy/paste any of them, it always helps to consider your context.

Keep these tips in mind to make sure your message hits right!

  • Make sure your caption and photo or video are a good match! The photo sets the tone for your caption. “Play it cool” could be a hilariously sarcastic, hot, super serious, or flexy caption for your selfie, depending on what it looks like! Just make sure the vibe’s right.
  • Add a personal touch. Some of the Instagram captions for boys you’ll find here are pretty much “plug and play,” but if you’re posting pictures of friend groups, it always helps to add a personal shout-out to your crew.
  • Pick the right emojis. The emojis you’ll see in Instagram captions for.men are usually directly relevant to the post, it’s a good idea to make sure your string of emojis isn’t longer than the caption itself.
  • Make your posts more discoverable with hashtags. As a bonus, picking creative and cool hashtags also adds to the vibe of your best captions for Instagram for boys.

FAQ About Captions for Instagram for Boys

How do I write the best captions for Instagram for boys?

The best Instagram captions for boys reflect your unique style, vibe, and sense of humor. Your friends don’t just want to see what you’ve been up to — they also want to hear all about it! Good Instagram captions for boys add context and personality, but they usually keep things short and sweet.

How can I find inspiration for cool captions for Instagram for guys?

Inspiration is all around you! If the photo you’re about to post doesn’t inspire you enough, say something meaningful or funny about the activities you’re sharing with your friends. If that doesn’t work? Well, this list is sure to have something for you!

Is it OK to use popular Instagram captions for boys?

You want to strike a balance between authenticity and trendiness. There comes a point when overused short Instagram captions for guys become so tired they’re cool again. Seen those “turn your dreams into plans” captions, for instance? Posting them with a picture of a huge pizza adds a fresh new twist!