110 Sunday Instagram Captions for Those Weekend Vibes

Sundays are… whatever you decide to make them! Whether your Sunday is about fun with friends, tackling DIY projects, setting…

Sundays are… whatever you decide to make them! Whether your Sunday is about fun with friends, tackling DIY projects, setting off on an epic weekend adventure, or lazing around in pajamas, the fun lies in knowing the day is all yours.

Sundays are also about sharing your day with your Instagram followers, of course! So, no matter what cozy, funny, or adventurous pictures or videos you have for the ‘gram, you’ll need an epic Sunday Instagram caption to capture the mood.

Do you need a little help to kick off your creativity, or are you too busy enjoying your weekend to spend time writing great Instagram captions for Sunday? That’s OK! These caption ideas will help you get those Sunday vibes across!

How to Write Awesome Sunday Instagram Captions

All great Instagram posts start with beautiful photos or cool videos — but none are complete until you add a fun or engaging caption. Taking the time to write Sunday captions Instagram followers enjoy and relate to is about more than “framing” your content. Great captions add context and feeling, but they also help your post get more likes and comments.

Good stuff! (Unless you’re completely lost and have no idea how to write an Instagram caption!) Take these tips on board, and crafting awesome Sunday Instagram captions will get a lot easier!

  • Consider the most popular Sunday themes on Instagram. Many Sunday posts focus on relaxation, outdoor activities, family time, going to church, food, and gratitude. Some people also use their Sunday Instagram posts to talk about prepping for the week ahead (and dreading Monday). Stick to one of these themes, and you’re off to a great start.
  • Keep your Instagram captions for Sunday casual. Above all else, Sundays are about enjoying freedom and doing whatever you want — whether that’s in PJs or hiking boots. Get that relaxed vibe across, and you’re good to go.
  • Want to make your Sunday Instagram captions funny? Excellent idea! You can never go wrong with injecting some lighthearted humor into your Instagram posts, and your captions are the best way to do that.
  • When in doubt, add quotes to your Sunday Instagram posts. Quotes are a great way to frame lazy couch moments, beautiful gardening moments, or picturesque views — and as a bonus, you won’t even have to come up with captions yourself!
  • You can also encourage your followers to leave comments by asking questions. How are they spending their weekends? What’s their idea of a perfect Sunday? What about a favorite Sunday brunch menu?

Still looking for a great Sunday caption for Instagram? Don’t worry! You’ll find lots below!

How to Write Awesome Sunday Instagram Captions

Sunday Fun Day Captions for Instagram

1. On Sundays, we relax with breakfast in bed. What’s your favorite way to unwind?

2. A Sunday a week keeps the doctor away.

3. Sunday? More like fun day! Enjoying a long walk in the park with my dog.

4. A great Sunday sets the mood for the week!

5. My favorite Sundays have a “don’t disturb” sign. What about you?

6. Sunday is my love language.

7. Keep calm and game on.

8. Work hard, play hard? On Sundays, we skip the work part.

9. If you need to get out of bed to enjoy Sundays, you’re not doing it right.

10. Sunday is my spirit animal.

Cute Sunday Instagram Captions

11. Today’s to-do list is delightfully empty, but you can say hi if you like!

12. On Sunday, I do things my way.

13. Sundays are the best days!

14. Sunday hair, don’t care.

15. Sunday, fun day? More like Sunday, snooze day.

16. When in doubt, take a nap and make it a double.

17. Hugs and coffee welcome!

18. On Sundays, we take selfies.

19. Selfie stick + latte = perfect Sunday

20. Oh, is it already noon? Oh, well! These PJs are just my new look!

Lazy Sunday Captions for Instagram

21. Lazy? Nah. Just charging my batteries.

22. What do you mean I’m lazy? I made like three Instagram posts.

23. Lazy vibes only.

24. Dreaming of lazy Sundays. (Yeah, I know it’s Sunday.)

25. Sundays are balm for the soul. Let it soak in.

26. Take a chill pill! It’s Sunday!

27. Sunday is a walk in the park.

28. Be strong, friends. It will be Sunday again in seven days.

29. On Sunday, don’t do what you can. Do what you want. Even if that’s nothing.

30. Error 404: Energy not found.

Family Time Sunday Instagram Caption Ideas

31. A Sunday well spent is one served up by your mom.

32. Lazy days are best spent doing nothing with family.

33. Sunday brunch keeps us going all week!

34. We don’t always BBQ on Sundays, but when we do, it’s epic!

35. Sunday is family time!

36. Hiking with my family exhausts my body but recharges my soul.

37. Sundays are a family affair.

38. Just spending some quality time with my tribe.

39. On Sundays, we take a break from arguing.

40. Family time be like… you make brunch, I’ll load the dishwasher.

Family Time Sunday Instagram Caption Ideas

Sunday Instagram Captions with Friends

41. Cashing the sun with my gang.

42. On Sundays, we chill.

43. I get a day off and I get to hang with my crew? Perfection!

44. Love, laughter, ice cream, and friends. Best Sunday ever!

45. Good vibe Sunday!

46. Sundays are for making memories with friends.

47. On Sundays, I find pleasure in the simple things in life — my friends.

48. Keeping the Sunday Scaries away, one friend at a time.

49. Tomorrow is Monday, but tonight is ours.

50. Time flies when you’re having fun with friends. (Monday, here I come…)

Sunday Captions for Instagram About Self Care

51. Sunday, a day for R&R.

52. Resting Sunday face.

53. Keep calm and take a long bath. Scented candles not optional.

54. My idea of self-care? Smash that alarm clock!

55. Enjoying my beauty sleep.

56. Skip leg day? Nah, that’s the best day! Sundays are for hitting the gym.

57. My lazy Sunday. What’s your favorite way to let go and unwind?

58. On Sunday, take a break and laze around — it’s called self-care.

59. Sundays are for Netflix and Chill.

60. Cooking up a storm this Sunday! What are you eating?

Religious Instagram Captions for Sunday

61. Thank God for Sundays!

62. I love me some Jesus!

63. Take me to church.

64. Sundays are for counting blessings.

65. Every day is a gift from God, but especially this one!

66. Embrace the joy and spread his light.

67. Sundays are for praise, worship, and laughter! Have a good one.

68. Fill your heart with gratitude this Sunday!

69. God’s love is the sunshine that brightens my heart.

70. Coffee, church, laughter, nap.

Great Quotes for Sunday Instagram Captions

71. “There are six days in a week — and a Christmas known simply as Sunday.” ― Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu

72. “Happiness is a hot bath on a Sunday afternoon.” — AD Posey

73. “The goal of Sunday is to leave my home as little as possible.” — Mark Morris

74. “Sunday is a good day to save the world in one’s pajamas.” ― Adrienne Posey

75. “Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.” — Joseph Addison

76. “Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.”
— Bill Watterson

77. “Do not let Sunday be taken from you. If your soul has no Sunday, it becomes an orphan.” — Albert Schweitzer

78. “Let this Sunday be a rainbow for the entire upcoming week.” — Anthony T. Hincks

79. “Time flows in a strange way on Sundays.” — Haruki Murakami

80. “Sunday, for me, is all about being home with the family with no plans.” — John Lasseter

Short Sunday Captions for Instagram

81. No to Scaries, yes to fun.

82. Sunday bliss.

83. Slow down, it’s Sunday!

84. Shine, don’t rise.

85. Weekend vibes wear silly socks.

86. Don’t worry, it’s Sunday.

87. Peace and relaxation.

88. But first, nap time.

89. Sunday. Nuff said.

90. Sunday, fun day.

Short Sunday Captions for Instagram

One Word Instagram Captions for Sunday

91. Chill.

92. Enjoy.

93. Vibes.

94. Nap.

95. Goals.

96. Blessed.

97. Bliss.

98. Escape.

99. Mood.

100. Smile.

Creative Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Next Sunday Caption Instagram

Still looking for wonderful Sunday Instagram captions for your next post? You know the drill! If you want it done right, do it yourself. Crafting your own Instagram captions ensures that your message perfectly matches your photo or video. Still stuck? No problem! Use our creative writing prompts to write a Sunday Instagram caption that’s authentically yours.

101. Sundays are for…

102. If my Sunday had a soundtrack, it would be…

103. Sundays are for daydreaming, and I’m thinking about…

104. There’s no time like Sunday to…

105. A well spent Sunday isn’t complete until you…

106. This Sunday, my vice is…

107. It’s Sunday! Relax and…

108. I’d say I woke up like this, but I’m still dreaming about…

109. A perfect Sunday is all about…

110. Someone remind me to…

FAQ About Sunday Instagram Captions

Should I make my Sunday Instagram captions funny?

Infusing your Sunday captions for Instagram with some lighthearted humor is a great idea, whether you’re having fun or posting about those dreaded Sunday Scaries. It’s also OK to post more serious Sunday Instagram captions, though! You can write about beautiful family moments or share inspirational messages for the week ahead, for example.

What are some creative Instagram photo ideas for Sundays?

Lazy pajama photos, breakfast in bed, a lovely cup of coffee, or a cozy selfie of your reading adventures are all fine. You don’t have to go hiking, do brunch, or have any other kind of epic adventure to create Insta-worthy moments!

What hashtags should I add to my Sunday captions for Instagram?

Choosing your hashtags carefully is a good idea. Besides adding character to your Instagram posts, the right hashtags also make it easier for others to discover your great content. The best hashtags to add to your Sunday Instagram captions depend on what you’re doing. However, some of our favorite options include #sundayfunday, #chillmode, #weekendvibes, #sundayselfie, #sundaymood, and #lazysunday.