100 Great Instagram Captions About Family

Instagram users spend an average of about 30 minutes a day scrolling, double-tapping, and sharing moments that matter. Some might…

Instagram users spend an average of about 30 minutes a day scrolling, double-tapping, and sharing moments that matter. Some might call it a waste of time, but families know that the internet connects in more than one way — and Instagram is the universal love language that allows us to tap into that special bond we share with our relatives.

Thanks to Instagram, families with members in different countries and states (or just extraordinarily busy lives!) get to keep up with all the latest news and turn the internet into a virtual family reunion.  Whether you’re virtually celebrating the birth of a new niece, cheering as your brother graduates, or simply sharing everyday moments, Instagram makes staying in touch a breeze!

Those 30 minutes become priceless moments that create memories and inspire giggles. The family photos we share become a way to keep our bonds strong, and the Instagram captions about family that accompany them are a digital way to express our love.

You might be a parent who needs family Instagram captions to share that Johnny just devoured his first avocado. You might be an adult child letting your relatives know that home is still where the heart is as you set off on wild adventures. You could just be responsible for making sure everyone sees those epic whole-family pics. Either way, you’ll need fresh caption ideas — and we’ve got them!

Funny Instagram Captions for Family Pictures

Funny Instagram Captions for Family Pictures

Our relatives may be our most precious gifts and the only ones who know all our secrets and love us anyway, but they’re also an endless source of laughter and entertainment! Use these funny family Instagram captions to immerse your relatives in the light-hearted side of family life!

1. Family, noun. A: The people who know you and love you anyway. B: Shameless fridge-raiders.

2. Did you say spending the day with your grandkids was a real treat? Great, because that’s exactly what they’re expecting!

3. Yeah, you’re stuck with me, I’m afraid.

4. That weird-looking one? Oh, that’s not me.

5. We might grow in different directions, but we still have the same roots. Or something.

6. The crazy is genetic.

7. Our favorite board game is called “Petty Squabbles.”

8. Yes, you can go play Minecraft now…

9. Nobody dares to “mess” with this guy!

10. Mess with me, and grandma will come beat you up!

Sentimental Family Pic Captions for Instagram

When a significant portion of your “Insta fam” so happens to be your actual family, sappy, sentimental, and nostalgic captions become 100% inevitable! Try these family captions Instagram will have a great time with — yes, even the followers you’re not related to!

11. Friends might come and go, but family’s forever!

12. Never a dull moment with this crazy bunch!

13. Remember that time you bailed me out at 4 am? Me neither, but I totally know you would!

14. “They grow up so fast…” Just look at Grandpa!

15. That moment you graduate from listening to family stories to sharing them with the next gen? Priceless!

16. What could possibly go wrong? Well, do you remember that one time when…?

17. The best food tastes like home.

18. Families who laugh together love together!

19. The key to my heart is still under that fake stone at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

20. A stronger connection than WiFi…

Cute Family Captions for Instagram

Do you have a sweet group pic, and are you looking for a sweet Instagram caption for family members? Melt all your relatives’ hearts with these touching (but occasionally slightly sassy) — perfect for photos with your littlest clan members or sibling pairs!

21. Totally dys-FUN-tional — with an emphasis on fun!

22. All snuggles, 100% love.

23. My favorite people in the whole wide world!

24. Does Grandma have to go home? Why?

25. Pure sunshine in one cute little human package.

26. The force is strong with these ones…

27. Because happiness multiplies when it’s shared.

28. He gets it from his uncle!

29. This chocolate-covered little face holds the key to your heart. Permission to melt? Granted.

30. Home is where I find my brand of crazy.

Happy Instagram Captions for Family Picture

Happy Instagram Captions for Family Picture

Did you manage to capture some gorgeous snapshots at your last family reunion, or do you just want to show your relatives how fast your kids are growing? Find the perfect happy vibes in these family picture captions for Instagram — and spread that love!

31. With so many reasons to smile, happiness comes naturally.

32. When joy fills the air… put that stuff into a helium balloon and hold onto it forever.

33. All happiness is home-made, and guess what? You’re the ingredients that make this recipe work!

34. Table set, smiles on!

35. Family dinners make for the ultimate comfort food.

36. Now playing: Happy, by Pharrell Williams.

37. The house magically gets warmer when the grandparents come to visit.

38. Because the best memories include all of us.

39. Together, we have it all!

40. My crew, the best brew.

Savage Family Photo Captions for Instagram

Looking for a savage family caption Instagram followers who aren’t related to you can have a good chuckle at? If savage is your favorite Insta vibe, but you don’t want to risk estrangement, try these appropriately tame options. These family picture Instagram captions have a slightly roasty mood!

41. My face tells the story of my life, and you’ve contributed to 80% of these wrinkles — including the ones from endless smiles.

42. Positive vibes only in this family… The moody ones can go for a jog or stuff their faces (because silence is golden, and so are those fries)!

43. Just thinking about all those good ol’ days… when we had impeccable fashion sense.

44. My family is the only inspiration I need to outshine the rest.

45. Dedicating this post to my mom and dad, because you’re the universe, and I’m just a star in your galaxy.

46. Nothing can go wrong if we’re together… unless we start arguing over Grandma’s mashed potato recipe!

47. You’re the sunshine on a cloudy day and the storm before the rainbow.

48. We’re the stars of a never-ending sitcom.

49. You might call our house chaotic. We call it a party, and we’re the hosts.

50. Sisters are built-in best friends with never-ending drama.

Family Photos Instagram Captions with Siblings

Are you looking for an Instagram family caption for all those photos with your brothers and sisters? While you’ll have plenty of in-joke material to draw from, the best Instagram captions for family pics are translated into a language everyone else will understand, too!

51. Double trouble!

52. Partners in crime.

53. Whenever I feel ugly, I just look at you to make myself feel better.

54. But I’m the favorite. Obviously.

55. This bond never gets old.

56. Still can’t believe we’re related. You decide if that’s a compliment.

57. Two peas in a pod.

58. Snitches get stitches. Just remember that.

59. 3/5 stars. Would recommend… in small doses.

60. The only brat I’ll ever love.

Family Photos Instagram Captions with Siblings

Family Photo Instagram Captions for Grandparents

If you’re getting ready to post a family photo caption for Instagram, remembering the special bonds grandparents share with their grandkids is always a nice touch. Even if they’re not in the picture, any Instagram-savvy grandparent will appreciate an honorable mention!

61. These two are like Thelma and Louise… and it’s always road trip time!

62. Mommy? Why can’t I go live with Grandpa and Grandma?

63. They live for each other’s smiles!

64. Silver in their hair, love in their hearts.

65. Grandma, Grandpa, your love story is responsible for my impossible standards.

66. You say you’re spoiling them, but we know your love will forever make them better.

67. You’re my role models.

68. I’m your favorite grandchild, right?

69. An entire universe could get lost in Grandma’s hugs.

70. Road trips with you are my favorite childhood memories.

Beautiful Quotes for Instagram Family Captions

Here’s a little secret: whenever you need an epic Instagram caption for family photo time but can’t come up with anything original, quotes are an easy way to transform the ordinary into the profound. The greatest authors of all time have plenty to say about family bonds — and there are always song lyrics, too!

71. “If you think yours is crazy… then you should see mine!” — Dropkick Murphys

72. “A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” — George Bernard Shaw

73. “Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” — Jane Howard

74. “There is no such thing as fun for the whole family.” — Jerry Seinfeld

75. “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” — Desmond Tutu

76. “One day, you will do things for me that you hate. That is what it means to be family.” — Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything Is Illuminated.

77. “If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.” — George Bernard Shaw

78. “In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.” Friedrich Nietzsche

79. “Just look at them and sigh… and know they love you.” — Crosby, Stills, and Nash

80. “When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching — they are your family.” ― Jim Butcher

Family Pictures Instagram Captions with Life Lessons

Do you have a couple of kids and a new baby in the mix, or are you preparing to be an empty nester? You might just have lots of wisdom to share with those freshly-baked parents who follow you on Instagram! These Instagram captions for family photos share hilarious and light-hearted (but  true!) life lessons.

81. Babyproofing 101: They’ll want the cat food.

82. Small children, small problems. Big children… better hope you’ll be able to find that shoe size in the store.

83. Socks never stay monogamous for long.

84. Embrace the LEGO bricks. They’re your new burglar alarm.

85. Never look back. The silence is over.

86. Never assume they won’t eat it if you put it through a juicer.

87. Don’t like your food? The dog will.

88. Don’t team them to tell the time before you’ve got your bedtime routine down to an art.

89. Food fights are the best fights!

90. The days may be looooong, but the years really are short.

Seasonal Instagram Captions for Family Pictures

Do you have a big, happy, extended family? Many of our best family pictures captions for Instagram will inevitably accompany holiday photos and other important seasonal snapshots. You know what that means! Time to get “punny”!

91. Merry Christmas! This is our “family tree”!

92. I’m hogging all the extra blankies this winter. #Shameless

93. No bunny loves me like my family!

84. Matching jammies means you’re related!

85. Witching you a spooky Halloween!

86. This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for all my family… yes, even you, bro!

87. No tricks! Our family is a real treat!

88. Having a tree-mendous time together!

89. Fall-ing for this cozy moment!

90. Let’s spring into action together.

Seasonal Instagram Captions for Family Pictures

Short Family Captions for Instagram

Looking for a short, sweet Instagram caption for family picture you can use to brighten everyone’s day a little — and reel in those likes and comments? Here you go! With these Instagram captions family moments become digestible for everyone else who follows you, too!

91. Challenge accepted.

92. Hold onto each other.

93. Time flies.

94. We are family!

95. Endless disappointment.

96. Where the heart is.

97. A little crazy.

98. Family is forever.

99. To the moon and back.

100. Love, laugh, hug.

FAQ About Family Captions for Instagram

Why do family captions for Instagram matter?

An Instagram caption for family photos has much more power than just adding context to your pictures. Your captions tell the story behind your picture, filling your relatives with feel-good vibes and getting the rest of your followers to engage.

What different types of Instagram captions about family are there?

Instagram captions for family can be sweet, funny, savage, or sentimental. They can also reflect different types of photos — pictures of the entire family, everyday moments, or special adventures you share together, including holidays. Make sure your captions match the right vibe!

What hashtags should I add to my family captions for Instagram?

Some of the most popular family-related Instagram hashtags include #familyfun, #familyadventures, #blessedwithfamily, #lifewithkids, #makingmemories, and #homeiswheretheheart is.

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