130 Hair Captions for Instagram to Show Off Your Locks

Is your hair your crowning glory? Do you see your locks as the ultimate form of creative self-expression? Chances are,…

Is your hair your crowning glory? Do you see your locks as the ultimate form of creative self-expression? Chances are, most of your selfies feature radically new looks — and many are probably taken at the hairstylist.

You could let those bold looks speak for themselves, but where’s the fun in that? Your new hair Instagram captions get your followers to focus on the best part!

The only issue? Well… if you post a lot of hair captions for Instagram, you’re bound to run out of inspiration eventually. We’ve all seen the “[blank] hair, don’t care” captions — about 10 million times, actually, but you can do better!

Discover new ideas for your Instagram hair captions here. See a caption you love? Don’t hesitate to add it to your next good hair day photo, and watch the likes and comments stream in!

How to Write Haircut Captions Instagram Followers Will Love

Writing Instagram captions for hair-related photos or videos isn’t easy — unless you’re a hairstylist and you live, love, and breathe hair every day. How do you make your haircut or hair color captions for Instagram stand out? Above all, how do you make them interesting?

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • If you’ve got great natural hair and you’re proud of it, you can lean into this hair pride by talking about self-acceptance, culture, or even relatives with the same beautiful hair.
  • Many hair captions are all about style and beauty, but if you see an opportunity to make your message funny, go with it! Whether you post silly puns, reality vs expectations captions, or awkward DIY hair coloring moments, your followers are sure to have a good laugh!
  • Your hairstylist has an Instagram page, right? If you’re happy with the results, Instagram captions for hairstylist gratitude add a nice touch — and who knows? Your hairstylist might showcase your new haircut or color on their page, too!
  • If you change your hair up seasonally, don’t be afraid to lean into cheesy seasonal caption ideas everyone’s seen before. Some popular captions are so overused that they’re absolutely hilarious.

No matter what you do, make sure your haircut Instagram captions are authentically yours. (Nope, that doesn’t mean you have to write them yourself, as this list will show you, but just make sure you’re happy with the caption and it matches your overall vibe.)

Still not sure what your next caption should look like? Don’t worry! We have you covered. Scroll down, and you’ll see!

How to Write Haircut Captions Instagram Followers Will Love

Instagram Captions for New Hair Selfies

  1. Cut your hair if you dare.
  2. New hair, definitely care.
  3. Loving my new do.
  4. Make every day a good hair day.
  5. Good hair days make me feel like I can conquer the world.
  6. Life ain’t perfect, but at least my hair is.
  7. Confidence hits different with new hair.
  8. She aspired to be neat and tidy, but her hair had different plans.
  9. Life is too short not to go crazy with your hair sometimes.
  10. Wow! So. Different. Help!

New Haircut Instagram Captions

  1. Before and after — spot the differences.
  2. “Don’t care what you do,” she said, “just make it different.”
  3. Dress to impress, but make your hair speak the loudest.
  4. New hair, who dis?
  5. It ain’t just a hairstyle. It’s my gift to my future self.
  6. My goals for my hair are beyond your understanding.
  7. All you need is love. But a great new haircut doesn’t hurt.
  8. Now my hairstyle and personality match!
  9. A new haircut is the fastest way to transform your life.
  10. Aspirations: Hair so wild it’s all you’ll ever see.

New Hair Color Captions for Instagram

  1. Dare to color outside the lines.
  2. A new color means I needed a change.
  3. Spice up your life, one crazy hair color at a time.
  4. Wild and free, just like my hair.
  5. Inspired by boldness, created by a very talented stylist.
  6. Adding a little pink to my life.
  7. New hair color: Because blondes have more fun.
  8. Inspiration: ‘80s tie-dye t-shirts.
  9. My hair, my canvas. My hairstylist, the artist. The result, a masterpiece.
  10. Confidence level: I might need a filter, but my hair definitely doesn’t.

New Hair Color Captions for Instagram

Cool Hairstylist Captions for Instagram

  1. Bad hair days? Not in my vocabulary.
  2. Where the hair magic unfolds…
  3. Turning your hair into the soul of the party, one crazy day at a time.
  4. Hair goals? I got you, girl.
  5. Hair on fleek, attitude slaying it.
  6. If your do doesn’t cut it, we’ll cut it.
  7. Hairstylists: Because a good cut changes everything.
  8. Just don’t come here looking for basic.
  9. Your hair deserves the best. It’s your crown, after all.
  10. Your dream hair is just one appointment away.

Thinking About Getting a Haircut Captions for Instagram

  1. Need a change. Drop your hair recs in the comments, and I’ll do it.
  2. Thinking it’s scissor time. What haircut do you think I should get?
  3. My hair: Should it stay or should it go?
  4. Hair despair, definitely care. What would suit me?
  5. Help me go from drab to fab! Send me your hair inspo!
  6. Thinking about a big chop. It’ll grow back, right?
  7. That feeling when you’ve finally got shoulder-length hair, and you feel like chopping it all off.
  8. Snip it or keep it?
  9. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the best haircut of them all?
  10. Thinking I’ll find my next good hair day at the hairstylist.

New Hair Captions for Instagram for Nights Out

  1. Hair so wild they won’t look at anything else.
  2. Friday night hair with flair.
  3. Let your hair do all the talking, and the magic will make itself.
  4. City lights, wild nights, crazy hair.
  5. Lights, camera, hair!
  6. Fun nights are better with beautiful hair.
  7. Debuting my brand new haircut tonight.
  8. A haircut this good screams “party time.”
  9. Nothing like a haircut to boost your confidence.
  10. Everything is better after a fancy new haircut.

Love My Hair Hair Instagram Captions

  1. Happiness is a cool new haircut.
  2. Because true beauty comes from inside… the salon.
  3. Let your hair be the change you want to see in the world.
  4. Feeling free and wild in my new do!
  5. It’s not just a color. It’s a bold new mindset.
  6. My hair, my favorite warm blanket.
  7. Feel awesome or dye trying.
  8. I’m pretty basic, but my hair is too glam to give a damn.
  9. The best crowns are woven from braids.
  10. My hair rocks.

Love My Hair Hair Instagram Captions

Balayage Captions for Instagram

  1. Inspired by the beach, created by my stylist. Love it!
  2. If you can’t go to the beach, bring the beach to your hair.
  3. Can’t. Stop. Staring. In. The. Mirror.
  4. Balayage is my spirit animal.
  5. Keep calm and love your hair.
  6. Got 99 problems, but balayage ain’t one of them.
  7. When looks deceive: This effortless beach hair took hours.
  8. Chase your sunkissed dreams, and let your hair do the talking.
  9. Do I look as chic as I feel?
  10. Life might not be perfect, but this balayage comes pretty damn close.

Long Hair Captions for Instagram for Girls

  1. Tiny girl, big dreams, huge hair flips.
  2. When cutting it just doesn’t cut it.
  3. Go with the flow, and make it a waterfall.
  4. Because long hair is a state of mind.
  5. Washing it clogs the sink, but it’s worth it.
  6. Loving my silky smooth locks.
  7. Hair goals? Already there, sis.
  8. Flipping my hair is a whole operation.
  9. Long hair for life.
  10. A beautiful mess. Just like me.

Long Hair Captions for Instagram for Guys

  1. My hair’s a work of art. I call it Bobby.
  2. This is my own personal girl magnet.
  3. Keep your scissors off my hair.
  4. Hair so long, smile so big.
  5. Long hair, don’t care.
  6. New me, same long hair.
  7. Life is short. Live it with great hair.
  8. They say long hair is a woman’s glory. Come get your glory, girls!
  9. Long hair. Because more is more.
  10. Don’t mess with the messy locks.

Short Hair Captions for Instagram

  1. Sometimes less is more.
  2. Feeling free and easy in my new pixie cut.
  3. Cut it all off, she said.
  4. Bold, sassy, and daring.
  5. Just take the scissors and snip, snip, snip.
  6. This hairdo gives me a buzz.
  7. Life is too short to blend in.
  8. My short hair is my statement to the world.
  9. Short hair Queen.
  10. Nothing screams confidence like a brave, short haircut.

Fall Hair Color Captions for Instagram

  1. ‘Tis the season to dye my hair red.
  2. My hair aspires to be a pumpkin patch.
  3. 50 shades of orange.
  4. Just like the season, my hair has to change.
  5. Falling in love with the changing season.
  6. The best hair looks like pumpkins and smells like PSL.
  7. Make your life colorful.
  8. Ready to add color to the winter!
  9. Ready for Halloween with my boo-tiful new color.
  10. When the days shorten and the weather gets colder, brighten your life with a fresh hair color.

Fall Hair Color Captions for Instagram

Great Quotes for Hair Captions for Instagram

  1. “Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts.” ― Jim Morrison
  2. “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” — Khalil Gibran
  3. “Well, in this world of basic stereotyping, give a guy a big nose and some weird hair and he is capable of anything.” — Frank Zappa
  4. “I stared at her black hair. It was shiny like the promises in magazines.” ― Alice Sebold
  5. “People always ask me how long it takes to do my hair. I don’t know, I’m never there.” ― Dolly Parton
  6. “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” — Coco Chanel
  7. “If my hair gets any frizzier, I’ll shave it to the scalp. Or light it on fire. Whichever is easier.” ― Victoria Scott
  8. “Your hair is winter fire, January embers. My heart burns there, too.” — Stephen King
  9. “Everyone has a bad hair day. The trick is not to have one on picture day.” — Mark R Woodward
  10. “A good hairstylist is cheaper than a good therapist.” —Joan Crawford

Creative Writing Prompts for Hair Captions for Instagram

Are you still looking for great new haircut, good hair day, or hair stylist captions for Instagram? You know what they say! If you want the job done right, do it yourself. (Nope, that definitely doesn’t apply to hair, but you get the point.)

With our creative writing prompts, you’ll write compelling short hair Instagram captions your followers will love like a pro. We’ll get you off to a good start, and you take care of the rest!

  • My hair’s got a whole personality. If it could speak, it would say…
  • My hair never listens to me, but that’s OK, because…
  • My first reaction to this new haircut? These emojis sum it up: …
  • The weirdest thing I’ve ever done to my hair? If you knew me in high school, you probably remember that…
  • It’s never just a haircut. It’s always also…

FAQs About Hair Captions for Instagram

How do I come up with creative Instagram captions for new hair color or haircut?

That’s the question, isn’t it? If you want to connect with your followers, think about the story behind your hair and how it makes you feel — or go in another direction and make funny comments about the color or cut. Bonus points if it rhymes or contains silly puns!

What about hairstylist Instagram captions? How can I set my business apart?

If you’re a hairstylist, Instagram can be a wonderful way to build a community, showcase your talents, and get new customers in the door! Develop a consistent brand voice, but never be afraid to be playful in your captions. Think far beyond “we style hair.” Add humor and personality!

What are the best hashtags for Instagram hair captions?

The best hashtags to air to your Instagram captions for hair-related posts really depend on what you’re going for — whether you want to show off your new cut or color, a good hair day, or a fancy updo.

Some universally cool options include #hairgoals, #crazyhairday, #newhairwhodis, #glowupinprogress, #hairinspo, and #goodhairday.

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