90 Blonde Hair Captions for Instagram to Highlight Your Golden Locks

Blondes don’t just have more fun. They’re also really quite rare! Globally, only about two percent of people have naturally…

Blondes don’t just have more fun. They’re also really quite rare! Globally, only about two percent of people have naturally blonde hair — although that’s never stopped anyone else from “lighting up a bit.” The advent of peroxide has done wonders for anyone who wants to put the theory that blondes have more fun to the test!

Whatever category you fall into (all-natural or straight from a bottle), you might want to show your gorgeous hairdo off on the ‘Gram! So, how do you caption those posts? If you need a little inspo, we’ve got you covered! Find blind hair Instagram captions for every occasion on our list, and get ready to set your feed on fire!

How to Write Memorable Blonde Hair Captions for Instagram

Posting great hair pics? Coming up with something intriguing to say about your locks can be a challenge. It might be easy if you’ve just walked out of the salon with a fresh new ‘do, but if you live with your luscious locks every day, you probably take them for granted.

Here are some tips to get started with blonde captions for Instagram that will give your followers a chuckle or inspire them to comment and like:

  • When in doubt, make it funny! Deploy cool puns that show how well your hair matches your outfit, or poke fun at the stereotypes doing the rounds about blondes. Use variations of popular (and, frankly, overused!) Instagram captions to put a fresh new twist on your comments about hair!
  • Use your blonde hair captions for Instagram to tell a story. What’s your haircare routine? Did you just walk out of the hairstylist’s chair with a fun new color? Why did you decide to go blonde? These anecdotes make it easy to connect with your followers, and get them to comment on your post!
  • Keep your hair posts upbeat and lighthearted. You’re showing off your beautiful locks, so your caption shouldn’t distract from that too much. Shorter captions are also best for hair posts.
  • Don’t forget to add some fun emojis to your blonde Instagram captions! Some of our favorite picks include 👱‍♀️, 💛, ✨, 🌈, and 🎀, but you’ve got tons more great options.

Above all, make sure your Instagram captions for blonde hair allow your unique personality to shine through. That may mean tweaking the ideas you find below a little, or adding your own thoughts at the end.

Don’t forget to have fun, either — you’re a blonde, after all!

Epic Blonde Hair Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. Gorgeous blonde hair, don’t care. (Sorry, that was a lie!)
  2. Love is in the hair.
  3. My blonde hair, my life, my roles.
  4. 50 shades of blonde and never happier.
  5. Just another blondie living her best life.
  6. Keep calm and color your hair.
  7. New hair color, new me!
  8. Proof that blondes have more fun… at the hair salon, anyway.
  9. Go blonde, be bold.
  10. Chasing golden locks and golden hours.

Blonde Captions for Instagram for OOTD Posts

  1. Welcome to the Barbie side of life, where pink looks great with your hair.
  2. Confidence level: Nice outfit, iconic hair.
  3. Flowing to the rhythm of my blonde hair, dancing to the beat of my bold orange dress.
  4. That feeling when your hair inspires your outfit.
  5. I decided to lighten up, so I thought my OOTD should, too.
  6. Blonde, fierce, and boldly me.
  7. New hair, new look. WDYT?
  8. Who needs fashion accessories when you’ve got blonde hair?
  9. This combo: The highlight of your day?
  10. Blonde and curly. Let’s be honest. Who needs outfits at all?

Cute Blonde Instagram Captions

  1. Got 99 highlights and no problems.
  2. Blonde hair is my happy place, and I’m never gonna go back to black.
  3. Cute, blond, and definitely ready to party.
  4. The blonder, the bolder. Warning: I’ve got a hair appointment tomorrow.
  5. Legally blond? Nah, this hairdo is so fire it should be banned.
  6. If hair colors could talk, this one would say, “Hell, yeah!”
  7. New blonde hair, who dis?
  8. Blonde, but never basic. Watch out, here I come!
  9. Golden waterfalls and classy crowns.
  10. Blonde by birth, fun by choice.

Funny Blonde Hair Captions for Instagram

  1. Hair Olympics, anyone? I’m going for Gold!
  2. The golden rule: Blondes make more puns.
  3. Always look on the blonde side of life!
  4. Blessed are the blondes, for they shall inherit the lit party vibes!
  5. Dyed blonde, fluent in sarcasm.
  6. The secret behind every blonde? A ton of fun and 101 haircare products.
  7. The dark side might have cookies, but us blondes have more fun.
  8. Living that sunshine state of mind with my head in the clouds.
  9. My funny blonde joke? I’m blonde, and I’m funny. What else did you expect?
  10. Turning every moment golden, one hair color appointment at a time.

Short Blonde Hair Captions for Instagram

  1. In the world of blondes, short hair means more time for fun.
  2. Proof that you don’t need flowing locks to rock the blonde look!
  3. Short hair, big, blonde personality!
  4. I do believe in fairies! (Specifically, beautiful, short pixie cuts!)
  5. Just me, channeling my inner pixie.
  6. Rapunzel decided to chop off her hair and find freedom.
  7. Short, blonde, and fabulous — my hair’s motto.
  8. They said I shouldn’t do it, but I did! Still blonde, still rocking an awesome ‘do!
  9. Sassy, classy, and… I said yes to the scissors!
  10. I decided long blonde hair didn’t cut it anymore…

Long blonde Hair Captions for Instagram

  1. Making waves, chasing golden hours.
  2. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair…
  3. The best crowns go with the flow in hues of gold…
  4. Blonde is forever, but manes are temporary.
  5. Long blonde hair and happy vibes.
  6. Long, wavy, and ready to celebrate life.
  7. Blonde ambition drowning in a sea of wavy locks.
  8. It only took me four years to grow my hair out! Never cutting it again!
  9. They’ll stare, so give them something to look at. Preferably long, blonde, flowing hair.
  10. Long blonde hair, but I definitely care.

Awesome Quotes for Blonde Captions for Instagram

  1. “I like to feel blonde all over.” — Marilyn Monroe
  2. “I personally prefer being a blonde, but whatever it takes for the character.” — Peta Wilson
  3. “Do blondes, like, do they really have more fun?” — Andie Anderson
  4. “I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb… and I also know that I’m not blonde.” — Dolly Parton
  5. “I never get the tall, blonde, glamorous roles because I’m not tall, blonde and glamorous.” — Shirley Henderson
  6. “I had a dream that I had brown hair…I woke up and ran to the mirror… Phew! I’m still a blonde.” ― Starley Ard
  7. “What doesn’t kill you only makes you blonder.” — Miranda Lambert
  8. “I’m as free as my hair.” — Lady Gaga
  9. “When I’m a blonde, I can say the world is purple, and they’ll believe me because they weren’t listening to me.” — Kylie Bax
  10. “The hippies wanted peace and love. We wanted Ferraris, blondes and switchblades.” — Alice Cooper

Short Instagram Captions for Blonde Hair

  1. Lighten up, babes!
  2. Bold and blonde.
  3. Why blonde? Because I can.
  4. Blonde vibes only.
  5. Blonde is a state of mind.
  6. Loud, proud, and unapologetically blonde.
  7. Blonde hair is my spirit animal.
  8. Shining bright in gold.
  9. Blonde — because happy hair makes for a happy life.
  10. All that glitters isn’t gold…

Creative Writing Prompts for Blonde Hair Captions for Instagram

We hope you found some inspiration in our list of Instagram captions for blonde hair! If you’re still looking for a special caption, you might have a unique photo. Maybe you just got your hair done. Perhaps you just went blonde for the first time, or it could be that you just managed to take an amazing picture of your golden locks.

Either way, these prompts will help you find your own words — so you can brighten your feed with 100% unique Instagram captions that nobody else will ever use. Just pick the prompts for blonde hair captions for Instagram that match your vibe, and play with words from there!

  1. Blonde, sassy, and ready to…
  2. In a world of colors, I choose a classic…
  3. The first thing my blonde hair “tells me” when I wake up? …
  4. Because blondes always…
  5. Think blonde, go crazy, and…
  6. My gorgeous blonde hair and I are ready to slay the day and…
  7. A picture paints a thousand words, and this blond hair shot only needs to say…
  8. Blond hair, don’t care — especially when…
  9. Blonde hair is the best fashion accessory, because…
  10. Blonde and excitedly anticipating…

FAQ About Blonde Instagram Captions

OK, so… why should I write blonde hair Instagram captions when my pictures say it all?

Here’s the thing. As drop-dead-gorgeous as your hair pics are, photos are just one half of a good Instagram post. You need memorable and engaging blonde captions for Instagram to complete the vibe, connect with your followers, and get them to leave comments!

You looked for blonde hair captions for Instagram because you wanted to highlight your (un)natural beauty, but if you’re enjoying a good hair day, you definitely don’t necessarily need to comment about the color in your captions. You could also talk about how your hair makes you feel, or just say you’re killing it today. It’s all up to you. If you don’t want to mention your hair color, you don’t need to do that in order to engage your followers!

Should I lean into blonde stereotypes in my blonde Instagram captions?

That’s totally your choice. The one where blondes have more fun can definitely add some excitement to your captions, but we’d leave the other one alone! Your Instagram captions should flatter you, after all!

What are some great hashtags to include in my Instagram captions for blonde hair?

That’s a great question! Going back to the last FAQ, hashtags can still “label” your posts, even if you don’t want to talk about blonde hair in the caption. Our favorite options include #blondeambition, #goldenlocks, #blondebombshell, #hairgamestrong, #blondebeauty, #blondemoment, and #blondedreams.