50 Egg-Cellent Easter Instagram Captions for Everybunny

Nobody asked us, but we think Easter is one of the best holidays on the calendar! The world’s just woken…

Nobody asked us, but we think Easter is one of the best holidays on the calendar! The world’s just woken up after a long (and, possibly, harsh) winter — filled with brand-new bunnies, ducklings, chicks, and seeds of hope. Add chocolate, and embracing that naturally optimistic vibe becomes a breeze!

There’s another bonus, too — Easter is one of the most photogenic holidays around. Whose heart wouldn’t melt at the sight of tiny ones hunting for Easter eggs, families coming together for traditional dinners, and bunny ears galore?

Snapping those pictures is nearly as easy as posting them on social media. But coming up with great Easter Instagram captions that vibe with your photos? That’s a little trickier! Luckily for you, we’re about to infuse your Easter snapshots with a massive dose of spring freshness with some cool new Easter captions for Instagram!

Funny Easter Instagram Captions

Charles Dickens said that nature gives every time and season beauties of its own, and that’s true. Besides all the brand-new creatures and new green growth, spring’s also a time of hope for people ready to kiss the winter goodbye — and Easter is the perfect time to celebrate that!

Awaken that energetic spirit with these funny (and punny!) Easter captions Instagram followers are sure to laugh at! From Easter bunny Instagram captions for your most hilarious family pictures to chocolate egg fails, have fun with these ideas!

1. I’m egg-straordinarily egg-cited about all that chocolate!

2. Wishing you all a Hoppy Easter!

3. I’m the bunniest of them all!

4. Don’t worry, be hoppy!

5. Let your hare down! It’s Easter!

6. Best strategy? Hide them Easter eggs in your belly!

7. My idea of a balanced diet? Easter eggs in both hands!

8. Nobunny’s sweeter than me!

9. Time to crack some Easter jokes, peeps!

10. Somebunny’s a chick magnet!

Funny Easter Instagram Captions

Sweet Instagram Easter Captions for Families

Got a few little Easter bunnies of your own? Make the spring magic come to life with these sweet Instagram Easter captions the whole family can enjoy! Highlight all the cutest moments from your family egg hunt and egg-decorating adventures in style!

11. Mouthful of chocolate, heart full of hope!

12. Ready to spring into action and find all those eggs!

13. You’re a good egg. The best.

14. Easter egg hunt champion of 2024.

15. Having an egg-cellent day with the peeps we love most!

16. Who’s my chubby bunny?

17. Hunt them eggs, but don’t forget to savor these moments.

18. The cutest little bunny ever!

19. Ready to egg-splore those new beginnings!

20. These eggs come pre-scrambled!

Cute Easter Instagram Captions for Couples

Ready to show the world that you and your love will never, ever run out of new beginnings? These cute Easter captions for Instagram will make all of your Easter couple photos eggstra special!

21. Love is in the hare!

22. Me and my honey bunny!

23. Here’s to the birds, the bees, and everything that unites them.

24. Nobunny loves you like I do!

25. Peep! You’re it!

26. My heart always bunny hops a beat for you!

27. We’re hopping along to the rhythm of spring, because our love is egg-straordinary.

28. We’re dreaming of a green Easter…

29. Know where those eggs are? Do share! I’m all ears!

30. A love story like ours is hare to find.

Religious Easter Instagram Captions with Powerful Christian Messages

Religious Easter Instagram Captions with Powerful Christian Messages

Would you like to mark the holiday with Easter captions for Instagram Christian believers can find joy in? You can opt for a classic Bible quote or choose creative, modern Easter Instagram captions religious followers will laugh at!

31. “He is risen.” —Matthew 28:6

32. “Let everything you do be done in love.” — Corinthians 16:14

33. “Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.” — Martin Luther

34. “God is love and he has defeated evil.” — Pope Francis

35. “In Christ, we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace.” — Ephesians 1:7

36. Jesus is the greatest superhero with the most powerful comeback story ever.

37. Rejoice, because nobody has better plot twists than Jesus!

38. Jesus: Better than chickens that lay chocolate eggs.

39. Easter: When Jesus showed us that “BRB” is more powerful than “YOLO.”

40. It’s not about the bunny. It’s about the lamb.

Happy Easter Instagram Captions for All Your Followers

Do you just want some happy Easter Instagram captions to share with your followers before you get back to the epic family egg hunt, cute bunny ears, and dinner of the year — but do you think “Happy Easter” is a little too basic? Try these captions!

41. Fresh starts and more chocolate. Happy Easter!

42. Egg-cited to wish all my followers a Happy Easter! You’re a hare breed, and you mean the world to me!

43. Hunt for Easter eggs, but don’t forget to uncover joy and wonder along the way!

44. Happy Easter! May your hopes and dreams multiply like rabbits!

45. You’re all good (chocolate) eggs! Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Instagram Captions for All Your Followers

Creative Prompts to Help You Write Great Easter Captions for Instagram

Writing great Easter Instagram captions isn’t nearly as easy as capturing all those cute egg hunt moments on camera! Although we hope you found some suitable Easter captions for Instagram on our list, you know the best captions spring straight from your imagination!

Feeling blocked? Don’t worry — these creative prompts are sure to help you get started on writing wonderful Easter captions Instagram followers will enjoy!

46. Organizing an egg hunt? Great! Write your Instagram caption for Easter from the perspective of a hidden egg!

47. Write a haiku for your next heartfelt Easter Instagram caption.

48. Share a unique Easter tradition your family has always followed, focusing on the nostalgia the holiday awakens in you.

49. Challenge yourself to base your Eastern Instagram captions on famous quotes or song lyrics.

50. Write from the perspective of a baby animal watching your Easter excitement unfold.

FAQ About Easter Instagram Captions

What should I include in my Easter Instagram captions?

You can make the Easter spirit come to life by playing with puns about eggs, bunnies, and chicks — or, if you’re Christian, you could capture the essence of the holiday by posting a powerful Bible quote or a unique personal take on the power of Easter.

Can I use my Easter Instagram captions to tell a personal story?

Absolutely! For most of us, Easter is all about nostalgia, new beginnings, and good food! If you feel like it, you could even share family recipes in your Instagram captions about Easter.

What about hashtags? Which ones should I include in my Easter captions for Instagram?

Choosing your hashtags wisely makes your Easter-related Instagram posts easier to discover, but they can also add a touch of humor or a dose of wisdom to your posts. Some of the most popular Instagram hashtags for Easter include #egghunt, #eastergoodies, #eastereats, #eastersunday, and #newbeginnings. If you’re looking for religious hashtags, #heisrisen and #resurrectionsunday are two great options.

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